10 Stupid Mistakes That DC Villains Keep Making
Derek Faraci
Villains of the DC Universe
Villains of the DC Universe
It would seem like being a supervillain is a pretty thankless job. The win/loss ratio for a villain is pretty terrible; they rarely get a victory and is a short-lived one even when they do. Most of the time, supervillains end up getting their butts handed to them by the heroes, ending their goal for fortune and power with little more than bruised egos and broken bones.
Even the smartest supervillains keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Why these costumed ne'er-do-wells can never learn from their past mistakes is a mystery that even Batman can't solve, but it is a reality in the DC Universe. No matter how many times Superman, Flash, or Black Canary kick the tar out of their greatest foes, these villains keep getting back up and trying to pull off their bad plans time and again.

10 Signing Their Work

The biggest problem many supervillains have is the need to let the world know about their crimes. With Riddler, that is his whole gag, so it is understandable, but imagine how many more crimes someone like Two-Face could pull off if every one of his schemes wasn't focused on the number '2'. And it isn't just Batman villains that run into this issue; if you see a bunch of action figures robbing a bank, you can be pretty sure that Superman's old foe Toyman is close behind. If the villains were more willing to work in the shadows, they may get away with their crimes more often.

9 Thinking They Can Win

Superman #149 cover detail
Superman #149 cover detail
Of course, the supervillains do all their evil in the public spotlight because they constantly think this will be the time they win. Despite constantly getting their butts handed to them, the Flash's Rogues never stop thinking that their latest scheme will be the one that the Scarlet Speedster won't be able to beat.
But sure enough, Flash is too quick for Captain Cold and the gang, and faster than they can say "I surrender" the Crimson Comet has his foes locked up in Iron Heights once again. And from those cells, the villains start to plot their next idiotic scheme that is bound to fail.

8 Going Big

Fall of Metropolis
Fall of Metropolis
Many villains desire to go big because they crave attention or they think they can win, but supervillains would probably have a better chance of getting away with their crimes if they kept them small. For example, if instead of trying to blow up all of Gotham, Joker decided to instead just blow up a random house, it would be harder for Batman to find him. Likewise, Ocean Master could probably control a whole lot more of the ocean if he didn't keep trying to overthrow Aquaman and Mera to become the king of Atlantis. Sometimes thinking smaller is better.

7 Working Together

In themselves, Flash's Rogues are a rarity; they are a supervillain team that works well together most of the time. Sure, the Rogues have had their differences, but they've done great compared to other supervillain teams. Most of the time, supervillains team up to deal with a hero and end up hating one another and stabbing each other in the back. Supervillains are generally not very trustworthy, and when two or more of them get together, it is almost certain that they will betray each other sooner or later.

6 Trusting Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom
Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom
The biggest betrayer of the supervillain set has to be Lex Luthor. Luthor has worked with just about every super villain at some point, and somehow almost every one of those team-ups has ended with Luthor going back to his penthouse while the villains he teamed up with went to jail.
Why the villains of the DC Universe keep thinking that the latest ingenious plan from Lex Luthor will be the one where he doesn't sell them out is a question that has no real answer. However, it does tend to prove is that Luthor is far more intelligent than the other villains.

5 Not Being Happy With What They Have

The New Dark Captain Cold
The New Dark Captain Cold
Even Lex Luthor is too ignorant to realize just how much he has and be happy with it. So many supervillains have created technology that they could sell for hundreds of millions of dollars. Surely the US military would love to have an army all decked out in Black Manta's suit that allows him to survive in the deepest trenches of the ocean. And imagine how helpful Firefly's fire-resistant flying suit would be to firefighters. These villains are sitting on goldmines, and they use them to try and beat up Blue Beetle.

4 Killing Heroes

Bart Allen, the Fourth Flash, Killed by the Rogues
Bart Allen, the Fourth Flash, Killed by the Rogues
The heroes of the DC Universe are, overall, a pretty genial gang. In general, they try not to cause too much pain and suffering to the supervillains, but when a villain crosses certain lines – like killing a hero or the loved one of a hero – that's when things tend to get nasty.
Still, supervillains have continued to kill heroes, only to be shocked when the other heroes all come around and beat the pants off them. Heck, Reverse-Flash had his neck snapped by Flash, and he still keeps trying to kill heroes. There's no teaching these guys.

3 Going To The Same Cities Over And Over

Superheroes pretty much stick to their cities. Green Arrow likes Star City, Superman has Metropolis, Batman has Gotham, and Green Lantern is all about Coast City. Meanwhile, places like Kansas City, San Antonio, and Orlando are left pretty much undefended from supervillain trouble.
Still, the supervillains don't head to these cities that don't have superheroes. Instead, they keep attacking the places where they know the heroes will be and are shocked when they get caught on the way out of a bank. If Bane left Batman's hometown, he could be running a place like Billings, Montana by dinner.

2 Not Accepting Help From The Heroes

Superman offers to help Red Mist
Superman offers to help Red Mist
Most of the heroes of the DC Universe are big optimists. Even Batman has hope for a better tomorrow under that gruff exterior, and it's been shown in the way he tries to help some of his biggest foes from time to time. Likewise, Wonder Woman is always extending a hand of friendship to Cheetah, just to have it slapped back in her face.
But if these villains thought about things for a moment, they may be more willing to accept the help the heroes of the DCU offer them. In the least, getting the therapy they need could make the lives of the villains a little better.

1 Committing Crimes

The stupidest thing the supervillains of the DC Universe do is being supervillains. There has never been a case where any of these villains has come out on top; even in the cases where they beat the hero, it never goes the way they think it will; just ask Bane, Inertia, or Perpetua.
Committing crimes in a world with people who can move faster than light or read minds is, essentially, a stupid move. And to do it repeatedly while thinking that the results will come out any different is really stupid.