5 Reasons Anti-Monitor Could Conquer The Marvel Universe (& 5 Why He Couldn't)
David Harth
Anti Monitor against the heroes of the Marvel Universe
Anti Monitor against the heroes of the Marvel Universe
There are few villains in comics who have racked up the body count of the Anti-Monitor. Sure, Thanos was able to snap away half the universe, but the Anti-Monitor was able to destroy entire universes before he even got to the part of the DC Multiverse that fans knew and loved.
The Anti-Monitor is less a villain than he is a force of nature. One of the most fearsome beings that the heroes and villains of the DC Universe ever faced, the Anti-Monitor is a challenge that needs all hands on deck. If the Anti-Monitor came to the Marvel Universe, would he succeed in destroying everything or would the heroes defeat him?

10 Could Conquer: Multi-Faceted Assault

The Anti-Monitor's attack on the main Earths of the DC Multiverse in Crisis On Infinite Earths wasn't just him hitting the heroes of the present with all of his might- although that was certainly a part of it- but a more insidious, multi-faceted plan that involved planting giant pieces of machinery in the past, present, and future that would do most of the work for him.
This attack was his opening salvo and it was almost successful, stopped by a coalition of heroes from the past and present. While the heroes of the Marvel Universe have access to time travel tech, there's a good chance they'd miss something like this, enabling the Anti-Monitor to win the battle before they even put up a fight.

9 Couldn't Conquer: The Cosmic Beings

Marvel has a coterie of some of the most powerful cosmic beings in all of comics. This is going to be very useful against the Anti-Monitor. It takes a very big threat to get them involved and the Anti-Monitor definitely counts as one of those- his entire goal is the destruction of everything he comes across.
Beings like Galactus and the Celestials aren't just going to stand by and let him destroy everything he comes across, They'll fight back and that's a lot of power to deal with. While there's a very good chance that Anti-Monitor would be able to wipe the floor with Earth's heroes and villains, the most powerful beings in the Marvel cosmos might be enough to keep everything from being wiped out.

8 Could Conquer: No Monitor

The Monitor
The Monitor
One of the reasons the DC heroes were able to survive Anti-Monitor's initial cross-time assault was because they had someone working on their side- the Monitor. Leading up to the Anti-Monitor's attacks, the Monitor had been watching the heroes and villains of the Multiverse, cataloging their abilities and planning for the coming assault.
The Anti-Monitor made sure to destroy the Monitor to prevent the heroes from getting any more help. The Marvel Universe would have no one who could warn them about the Anti-Monitor's attack and that could spell doom for them before the battle even began.

7 Couldn't Conquer: Objects Of Power

Objects of immense power are a pretty standard feature of comic book universes, but the Marvel Universe is especially known for them. Obviously, there's the Infinity Gauntlet, but that can be a bit hard to get. However, there are also things like the Eye of Agamotto, the Cask of Ancient Winters, the Serpent's Crown, the Zodiac Key, and the Cosmic Cubes.
With weapons like these on their side, the defenders of the Marvel Universe have a very good chance against stopping the Anti-Monitor before things get out of hand.

6 Could Conquer: The Shadow Demons

In the early stages of his attack, the Anti-Monitor sent his servants out to do his bidding, the Shadow Demons. Powerful enough to give even the strongest heroes a good fight, they could also possess their targets, putting them wholly under the control of the Anti-Monitor.
This made the dangerous on multiple levels, as they would be able to easily defeat the weaker heroes and take control of the stronger ones, using them to assault their fellows, weakening the heroes even more. The Shadow Demons are near perfect infantry- powerful enough to be a threat with an added ability that can turn the heroes' greatest against them.

5 Couldn't Conquer: Children Of The Atom

Some of the most powerful beings on the face of the Earth are mutants. Humans haven't always treated them the best but against a universe ending threat like the Anti-Monitor, even the most reticent mutant would step up and help out with the defense of existence and with their amazing powers, they could easily put the Earth over the top.
Omega-class mutants are especially powerful, with some of them able to control fundamental forces of the cosmos (like Magneto and his power over electromagnetism), alter reality (Proteus and Jamie Braddock), or create entire universes (Franklin Richards). With abilities like these, they could easily turn the tide against the Anti-Monitor.

4 Could Conquer: Eats Pre-Crisis Kryptonians For Breakfast

The Anti-Monitor is next level powerful and he proved that several times over the course of the CoIE. One of the ways he did that was by smacking around Superman and Supergirl. While Superman is still pretty powerful, pre-Crisis Kryptonians were severely overpowered, able to throw planets around without breaking a sweat, fly much faster than the speed of light, and all kinds of other ridiculous things.
The Marvel Universe has a lot of powerful heroes and villains, but not too many that could stand up to the power of a pre-Crisis Kryptonian. That's going to cost them.

3 Couldn't Conquer: The Ultimate Nullifier

The Ultimate Nullifier is one of the most powerful weapons in any comic universe. With it, any target can be destroyed. However, the person who uses it takes a massive chance- if it backfires, there's a chance that it will destroy not just the target but everything else in existence. It can guarantee a victory but whether or not it's a Pyrrhic victory all depends on who is using it.
While there's a chance that it will end everything, it's not as big a chance as what would happen if the Anti-Monitor got the upper hand. While it's a weapon of last resort, it may have to be used against the Anti-Monitor.

2 Could Conquer: It Takes A Multiverse

Simply put, the heroes of one universe or even just one time period have no hope against the Anti-Monitor. He was able to completely wipe out multiple universes until he hit the core five that made up the most famous DC Universes. The heroes of these universes had to band together to stop him and even then, the Anti-Monitor almost succeeded.
While there is a Marvel Multiverse, the different universes haven't worked together like the ones that made up the last stand against the Anti-Monitor and without that kind of coordination, there's pretty much no hope of defeating the Anti-Monitor.

1 Couldn't Conquer: Perseverance

Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions
Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions
The heroes of the Marvel Universe have a lot going against them if the Anti-Monitor shows up but one of the things they have going for them is simply this- their persistence. They never give up, no matter what the odds. With things at their darkest, they batten down the hatches and get to work. With all of their resources and the brainpower of the smartest scientists in comics, there's a great chance they will be able to come up with something that will give them victory.
The heroes of the DC Universe were able to succeed against the Anti-Monitor by making a plan and having the brute strength to follow through but Marvel's heroes would succeed because they kept going, despite the odds against them, and come up with the perfect plan that will give them the win.