A.P. Bio: One Deceptive Student Is a Straight Up Menace
Ian Goodwillie
Jack Heather AP Bio
Jack Heather AP Bio
In the world of A.P. Bio, Dr. Jack Griffin is the ruler of the proverbial roost. For three seasons, he has monopolized his students' time, actively trying to teach them as little biology as possible. But one of his students has fully bought into his leadership and essentially become his second-in-command. Heather Wilmore has proven to be almost as Machiavellian and revenge-thirsty as Jack -- and even scarier in some ways.
When Jack lost his position as a Philosophy professor at Harvard -- largely due to a failed attack on an older colleague -- he moved back to Toledo. He then took a job at Whitlock High School teaching Advanced Placement Biology. But Jack has been incredibly open in that he feels the job and the city are both beneath him and will do almost anything to get his old life back. The only thing more important to him is revenge.
In Season 1, the focus of his rage was fellow philosopher, Miles Leonard. Supposedly a friend, Miles wrote a best-selling book about philosophy which led to him becoming almost impossibly rich and famous. He became Jack's main target as he felt Miles had the life he deserved. Whether that's true or not is certainly up for debate, but Jack certainly wasn't afraid to drag his students into this morass.
Heather listens to Jack in class
Heather listens to Jack in class
Rather than teaching his new class anything remotely related to biology, Jack enlisted his students' help in getting vengeance on Miles. And after one of Jack's plans finally destroyed his friend, Jack's targets got a lot wider and unfocused. Basically, anyone who screwed up his coffee was on the list. He even asked his students to add in targets of their own. And Heather was on board for all of it.
Not much is known about Heather. Being that she's in an A.P. Bio class, she's obviously quite intelligent. She's also not great in social situations, though the same is very much true of her classmates. It's part of their charm. What is known is that her father is a butcher. As such, Heather knows her way around a pig carcass with a meat cleaver -- something she demonstrated in Season 1, Episode 11 on Jack's desk and in front of the superintendent.
What's even more obvious is the impact Jack has had on her. To be clear, Heather does not have a crush on him in the least. She more idolizes Jack and wants to be more like him. At the same time, Jack must see some of himself in her as he obviously feels a kinship with Heather. Sarika, the top student, recognized in Season 2, Episode 13 that Heather is the only person in the room Jack actually listens to. That's because Heather is slowly revealing herself to be more and more like Jack all the time, often adding fuel to his furious fires, chiming in with even wilder, more nefarious ideas than his own.
The smooth jazz band performs with Heather
The smooth jazz band performs with Heather
While seemingly timid, Heather's deceptively an absolute menace. When the class decided to have a party at Victor's house in Season 1, Episode 8, she showed up ready to fight. Heather literally stated that she wanted to throw down on someone. And fight she did, attacking a full-grown adult man at the fundraiser going on upstairs. It was a shocking move from one of the smallest people in the class.
As A.P. Bio has progressed, Heather has proven herself to be the one to go all-in on Jack's plans. She literally catfished Miles online through a large part of the first season, which led to ultimately destroying him in Season 1, Episode 13. While Jack is forming a bond with all of his students (except Marcus), it's hard to argue that he is closest to Heather, who will inevitably factor heavily into his future plots.