Apex Legends: Valkyrie Soars to the Sky in Season 9 - Legacy
Christopher Baggett
It’s almost time to embrace Apex Legends’ Legacy! CBR was recently given a hands-on with the upcoming season of the increasingly popular battle royale title. The upcoming 9th season of the game promises to be the biggest yet, and the surprises are just beginning.
Titanfall 2 is more prevalent than ever, with arenas ran by the terrifying Ash and the new legend, Valkyrie, directly referring to the underrated shooter. With her jetpack and some incredible tactical options at her disposal, Valkyrie is sure to be a new fan-favorite legend.


The daughter of the infamous Northstar-class Titan pilot Viper, Valkyrie is seen in "Stories from the Outlands" as someone desperate to make her father proud. Her father left on a mission with Kuben Blisk when she was a child and was never seen alive again.
Now an adult, Valkyrie strong-arms her way into the Apex Games. She’s also found not just the remains of her father but his Titan. With the help of her best friend and fellow Legend, Rampart, Valkyrie has salvaged the Titan and turned it into an incredible jetpack. Taking to the skies, Valkyrie makes her way into the Apex Games to prove herself worthy of her family’s legacy.


Valkyrie’s passive, Vtoljets, allows her to traverse uneven terrain or rise quickly. Once in the air, pressing the jump button a second time will activate a jet mode. Valkyrie can ascend quickly, or you can hold Alternate Fire to move forward at a level rate.
When enemies are lined up, and you’re aching to do some damage, Valkyrie can unleash her tactical ability, Missile Swarm. A series of mini-rockets are fired from Valkyrie’s jetpack, causing significant damage and disorienting the enemy. This one takes some time to recharge but can be great if enemies are grouped up.
If you’re surrounded, or the ring is coming in close, Valkyrie’s ultimate is the perfect redeploy tool. Skyward Dive allows her to burn the jets on her jetpack and launch into the air to the maximum height, skydiving back to the ground. Even better, your teammates can grab on and join the launch, allowing the entire team to redeploy. However, you will have to coordinate with your team, as they’ll have to actively grab on in order to engage the launch.


Despite the jetpack, Valkyrie moves at a very methodical pace in the air and cannot use weapons while the jetpack is active. Once the jetpack is released, she will pull her weapon back out, but this takes a few seconds. With that in mind, it’s probably not a great idea to attempt to use Valkyrie for aerial combat. The jetpack is great for traversal or repositioning, though; we saw several Valkyries using the jetpack to reposition on Olympus by flying through open windows and reentering opposite an opponent.
The jetpack can also become a problem when attempting to wall jump. Fortunately, you have some new settings to play with. You’ll find the option to change the wall jump input to Hold or Toggle in the Options menu.
Finally, as a Recon Legend, Valkyrie can scan Survey Beacons to reveal the next ring location on the map. This put her in league with the likes of Pathfinder, Crypto and Bloodhound, and her jetpack means she may be able to access some hard-to-reach Survey Beacons.
Developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA, Apex Legends is available now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC. Season 9: Legacy begins May 4 across all platforms.