Black Cat #8 Races Towards Selina Kyle's Biggest Score... And Its Epic Cost
Benton Jones
Black Cat #8 offers Felicia Hardy the biggest score of her career in a fast-paced, high-octane issue that kicks off Black Cat's soon-to-be central role in Marvel's Infinite Destinies event. Penned by Jed MacKay, drawn by C.F. Villa, and colored by Brian Reber, Black Cat #8 certainly brings the energy, but, at times, sacrifices its narrative to reach such exhilarating heights. That being said, the first issue of Black Cat's "Infinity Stones" arc is sleek and electrifying. Overall, it boasts to be a promising end to Marvel's Infinite Destinies event.
In Black Cat #8, Felicia is still recovering from the major and dramatic loss of her mentor Black Fox. However, Black Cat can't linger on this fact too long as she suddenly finds herself face-to-face with one of the biggest scores of her career. She's determined not to let this opportunity slip her by and recruits the help of her loyal crew Bruno and Doctor Korpse. But, Felicia's  future score isn't just changing her fortune, but the future of the Marvel Universe.
Written by Jed MacKay, Black Cat #8 doesn't make any apologies for its thrilling tone. The issue is loud, explosive, and intense. Unfortunately, due to the quick turnaround between Black Cat's previous storyline and her induction to the Infinite Destinies storyline, the opportunity for Felicia to really reflect and consider the ramifications of Black Fox's loss is lost in the shuffle. This isn't to say Black Cat #8 doesn't do its job. The issue is coursing with the larger-than-life energy that the Infinite Destinies event looks ready to deliver. That said, it would have been nice if the emotional aftermath of recent events in Felicia's life had a little more time to breathe than a few panels at the top of the issue.
C.F. Villa's panels on Black Cat #8 are beautifully charged with just the right energy the issue needs to succeed. Villa blends a classic look with the more modern tone of the comic, which is executed well. In particular, there are some truly breathtaking pages midway through that perfectly capture the nuanced style of Black Cat. As the issue's energy level heightens, the panels rise to meet the tone of the narrative. However, the loss of the sleek coolness that permeates the rest of the issue is certainly felt. The moonlit colorwork from Brian Reber works beautifully for the darker, more noir-influenced first half of the book. When the issue gives rise to more action and less subterfuge the same colors feel just slightly out of place.
Story-wise, Black Cat #8 succeeds in injecting even more intrigue into Marvel's Infinite Destinies event. While the exhilaration of the issue's final pages may be a bit overblown for an otherwise more subtle read, the book ends on an exciting cliffhanger that's sure to have massive consequences for the rest of the Marvel Universe -- and above all, Felicia Hardy.
Black Cat #8 is recommended for fans of Felicia Hardy excited about her upcoming time in the spotlight. Felicia is on track to become a major player in the upcoming Marvel event. Those looking to watch Felicia's journey before others are on her tail should pick up the issue.