Capcom Is Releasing An £800 Leon Kennedy Figure Next Year
Sean Murray
Leon Statue Cover
Leon Statue Cover
In honor of Resident Evil 4’s recent release on Oculus VR, and perhaps even teasing the widely suspected Resident Evil 4 Remake, Capcom has teamed up with Darkside Collectibles to bring you a one-quarter size replica of Leon S. Kennedy as he was portrayed while stampeding through Spain on a quest to save the President’s daughter.
Darkside has done the same thing for several other Capcom characters, including Dante from Devil May Cry and Ryu from Street Fighter, but there's something a little bit special about this Leon replica. Perhaps it's the detailing on his leather jacket and black jeans, or maybe it's the cool knife and pistol action pose. Or maybe it's the stuff you see surrounding Leon, including the gravestone with the Las Plagas symbol, the Garrador's claws, or the monk's morning star--all items you'll find throughout Resident Evil 4.
At one-quarter size, Leon is 50 cm (1.6 foot) tall, 6 Kg (13 lbs), and made of durable polystone (but don't drop him--just like the real thing, he's not impervious to fall damage). This makes him a pretty big decoration, so be sure to have space set aside on your living room mantle.
He's also expensive. Pre-orders are available now at $899.99 (£800) with deliveries expected in October 2022.
There’s also still time to get your hands on the Resident Evil Board Game, with deliveries expected around the same time. Sure, Leon isn’t in the first game, but he’s still a great pairing.