Castlevania Introduces a Totally Broken Piece of Vampire Armor
Caitlin Chappell
striga castlevania
striga castlevania
WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Castlevania Season 4, available now on Netflix.
Season 3 of Castlevania introduced audiences to Carmilla's sisters, including Striga, the soldier of the group. While last season didn't give her much action, Season 4, Episode 3, "Walk Away," sees Striga in all her glory as she takes on mortal enemies with ease in broad daylight. As a vampire, this should be impossible; however, she uses day armor, something that is apparently a relic for the sisters, despite how useful it can be.
After talking with her lover, Morana, about their concerns over Carmilla's plans for humanity, their tent is ambushed by humans, who've realized their enemies are vampires and burn in the sunlight. An arrow pierces their tent, and Morana and Striga dodge the ray of light. Prepared to put up a fight and protect Morana, Striga brings out her day armor -- a metal suit that covers every inch of Striga so no light can hit her. Despite Morana and Striga being so close, Morana had no clue about this suit, but she was aware of the trunk, which Striga never opened until now.
It's surprising it hasn't been opened before around Morana, implying there's not been a need for this old piece of armor for a while. Despite it not being used in so long, day armor makes a vampire practically unbeatable. As soon as Striga puts it on, she runs out into the heat of battle, the sunlight not phasing her. Striga exceeds all expectations on the battlefield, stopping a horse dead in its tracks and cutting the animal and its rider in half with ease.
castlevania day armor
castlevania day armor
Meanwhile, the humans tear apart the other tents, with the vampires burning in agonizing pain. The torment they go through is horrific, and once they start burning, it seems near impossible for them to bounce back and launch a counter attack. However, with day armor, this critical issue is no longer present. That, on top of the vampires' inherent enhanced speed and strength, would make vamoires unbeatable soldiers, as if they were not already an imposing threat to humanity. Striga in particular proves to be a one woman army in the armor, killing anyone who comes near her without ever slowing down or getting hurt.
This armor also appears to be rare, or at least out of fashion, because once Striga orders her forces to armor up and cover their skin, none of them wear day armor. Instead, they don their usual armor, as well as masks, hoods and cloaks, but their eyes remain uncovered, unlike Striga's, as her helmet protects her eyes without obscuring her vision. While vampires are naturally stronger than humans, daylight poses a huge threat to them, and with the advantages this armor lends them, it logically doesn't make sense that Striga and her forces do not have more day armor, unless it is uncommon.
Striga alone is one of the most imposing soldiers seen in Castlevania, and even without the armor, she could easily decimate her enemies. However, with the armor, nothing can physically stop her. For humanity's sake, it's a good thing this armor is such a rarity, otherwise vampires could easily run the world.
Castlevania stars Richard Armitage as Trevor Belmont, Alejandra Reynoso as Sypha Belnades, James Callis as Alucard, Theo James as Hector, Adetokumboh M'Cormack as Isaac, Jaime Murray as Carmilla, Jessica Brown Findlay as Lenore, Bill Nighy as St. Germain, Jason Isaacs as The Judge and Rila Fukushima as Sumi. The entire series is available now on Netflix.