DC: 5 Heroes With Hidden Superpowers Everyone Forgot About
Conor Gunn
The 10 Most Important Characters Vertigo Introduced to The DC Comics Universe
The 10 Most Important Characters Vertigo Introduced to The DC Comics Universe
DC Comics has been going a very long time, and with numerous reboots and rewrites to the comic's continuity, some character details can be forgotten. Sometimes a writer is given free rein of a character for their own run but their storyline is never explored in the greater continuity. Some details can simply be lost to time as the next stories and the next issues are considered in the writer’s rooms.
However, this still leaves numerous characters with rather remarkable abilities that need more focus and development, as opposed to investing the time to create something entirely new. Unfortunately, this can cause some characters to not reach their full potential.

5 Superman Can Watch Molecules Interact With Telescopic Vision

As noted by Lex Luthor in Allstar Superman, when he stole Clark’s powers he could literally see the building blocks of the universe all around him. While rarely mentioned, Superman has a power called Telescopic Vision which allows him to see down to the smallest detail.
Like an electron microscope, Clark can see down to the level of atoms. He has also been able to see into his own bloodstream and physically see viruses passing through his system. In the Silver Age, after throwing a giant ape through time, Clark was able to use said Telescopic Vision, to see through the time barrier and actually view into the past. In the hands of a physicist, Clark’s powers could change the very foundations of atomic science.

4 Martian Manhunter's Powers Are Rarely Deeply Explored

Martian Manhunter is an often side-lined member of the Justice League as he is primarily used for his telepathic link to the rest of the team and his near-limitless shapeshifting abilities that, due to his alien origin, allow him to mimic the form of a variety of alien species. However, it should be noted that his strength is equal to that of Superman, without the need for solar energy. Logically he should be able to go toe-to-toe with numerous A-tier villains. He also has a strangely named ‘Martian Vision’ which is essentially heat vision, but for Martians. Ironically, the pyrophobic race has the power to set fire and cause fiery explosions with their powerful optic blasts.

3 Hal Jordan Can Wield Multiple Different Lantern Rings

Green Lantern Hal Jordan Season 2 feature
Green Lantern Hal Jordan Season 2 feature
Due to his bonding with the avatar of fear, Parallax, during the Sinestro Corp War Hal was able to take a handful of Sinestro rings and use them without being chosen. He has also been known to use blue and red power rings and even became a white lantern.
Hal’s ability to use a variety of rings makes him an incredibly powerful wielder that challenges the order set out by the Guardians of Oa. Hal was even able to wear his green power ring, a red power ring, and a blue power ring at the same time. This could originate from Hal's previous experience as the host of Parallex in which he wielded multiple green lantern rings at once, a feat no ordinary being could even come close to replicating.

2 Hawkgirl & Hawkman Don't Fly With Their Wings

hawkman hawkgirl
hawkman hawkgirl
Despite being named Hawkman and Hawkgirl, and having wings on their backs, the aviary duo do not fly by the force of their wings. Instead, it is their Nth metal apparel that allows them to fly. Furthermore, this would mean that the entire race of Thanagarians, the race that both Hawkgirl and Hawkman come from, cannot naturally fly with their massive wings, instead, they utilize the power of their Nth metal resources to give the illusion of flight alongside granting them the power to heal quickly from wounds. Hawkman incorporates the Nth metal into his golden harness and Hawkgirl wears her own Nth metal as a belt around her waist.

1 Animal Man Borders On God Status

Panel from Animal Man #26
Panel from Animal Man #26
What began as a man who could copy the powers of nearby animals, evolved into a godlike being connected to every plane of reality in the DC cosmos able to use his imagination to rewrite reality. Writer Grant Morrison did as they do and went off the wall to take a character with very little surrounding them and reconstituted it into a being that could manipulate the very panels he was drawn on and completely ‘undraw’ characters from reality, reverting them to their original sketches, and even meet his own writer.
Even after dying, Animal Man was able to pass his spirit between different living beings as well until he managed to be reborn as a new entity, essentially granting him immortality. In fact, in order to defeat a god-like being known as Antagon, Animal Man, alongside two other Animal Masters, rewrote the universe to simply not include Antagon.