DC: The Most Brutal Teen Titan Battles
Josh Davison
Teen Titans Most Brutal Battles Split Feature Trigon and Deathstroke
Teen Titans Most Brutal Battles Split Feature Trigon and Deathstroke
The Teen Titans started off as DC's premiere team of sidekicks, but it grew into something more with the introduction of characters like Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven to the team. The Titans have since changed and evolved further, now existing as a superhero team/school for young and aspiring heroes.
Despite the fact that the team has historically been made up of younger heroes with a more optimistic outlook on the world, the Teen Titans have faced some brutal foes and partaken in bloody battles. This team of young superheroes has seen some of the worst that the DC Universe has to offer.

8 Deathstroke Stealing Kid Flash's Powers During Lazarus Contract

This fight found the Teen Titans and the older Titans team squaring off against their old foe, Deathstroke the Terminator. It revealed an old pact made by Dick Grayson (back when he was Robin) and Deathstroke that the Teen Titans would train Slade's daughter Rose Wilson to be a hero. Slade felt that this wasn't upheld and, worse yet, Slade has a plan to use the Flash's (Wally West) powers to go back in time and save his son, Grant Wilson
Ultimately, both teams were able to stop Deathstroke and return the speed powers to the Flash, and Slade ends his renewed crusade against the Titans.

7 Red Arrow Killing Deathstroke During The Terminus Agenda

Later, the Teen Titans, led by Damian Wayne, decide that they need to take Deathstroke down after an incident at Arkham Asylum. They put a plan into place to capture Slade that ultimately succeeds, and Damian puts Deathstroke in his private prison in the basement of an abandoned apartment building.
Deathstroke, naturally, ends up escaping. However, Red Arrow (Emiko Queen) decides to put an end to all of this for good and puts an arrow through Slade's head. Of course, this death is later revealed to be not permanent.

6 The Titans Of All Eras Rallying To Fight Against The Batman Who Laughs

Death Metal Titans Last Stories
Death Metal Titans Last Stories
In the lead-up to the finale of Dark Nights: Death Metal, DC put out a one-shot called Last Stories of the DC Universe. The first story in this book is a Titans-centric tale by Joshua Williamson, James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder, and Travis Moore. It finds Teen Titans from various teams and eras uniting one last time, including the deceased Arsenal.
The Teen Titans accept and forgive one another before making the charge together into the final battle against the god-like Batman Who Laughs and his Dark Knights. The fight was apocalyptic and unwinnable, but the day is ultimately saved by Wonder Woman.

5 Trigon's Attempted Takeover Of Earth Through Raven

Trigon, the father of Raven, has been a danger to the Teen Titans on several occasions, but no plot proved as devastating as his attempted takeover of Earth. Trigon had battled the Teen Titans in the world of Azarath and slaughtered the priests there. He also corrupted Raven and used her as a conduit for his takeover of Earth.
Trigon's conquest of our world was swift and ruthless, but it was challenged by Lilith Clay, aka Omen of the Titans. She used an artifact called the Rings of Azar to purge Raven of Trigon's influence. The Rings of Azar contained the souls of the Priests of Azarath, who fused into a singular being of light and seemingly killed Trigon for good.

4 The Fight That Killed The First Ravager And Kicked Off New Teen Titans

Death of Grant Wilson Teen Titans Deathstroke
Death of Grant Wilson Teen Titans Deathstroke
Ravager, aka Grant Wilson, was one of the first major threats faced by the New Teen Titans. Grant Wilson had been gifted powers by H.I.V.E. to put him on par with his father and idol, Deathstroke the Terminator. However, these powers were unstable, and Grant pushed himself too hard.
Despite seeming to have an advantage over the Teen Titans, Grant ultimately burned himself out and died. This led to Slade Wilson swearing revenge on the Titans and the longtime animosity between the team and the Terminator.

3 The Death Of Jericho At The Hands Of Deathstroke

Later, another son of Slade joined the Teen Titans. His name was Joseph Wilson, aka Jericho. He had the ability to leave his corporeal body to take control over others. However, he was eventually possessed by the Souls of Azarath who were now corrupted after contact with Trigon.
Ultimately, this led Jericho to join up with the Wildebeest Society to abduct members of the Teen Titans to use as superhuman vessels. Eventually, the Titans caught onto what was happening and put a stop to this operation. However, the Souls of Azarath were still fighting for control over Jericho, and he begged his father to kill him. Deathstroke complied but with great sorrow. Of course, like many superhero deaths, this one proved not to last. Joseph returned years later hiding in the body of Deathstroke

2 The Final Battle Of The Judas Contract Story

The climactic finally to the Judas Contract story found a particularly intense fight between the Teen Titans, Deathstroke, and H.I.V.E. The Teen Titans had been captured by H.I.V.E., and they had discovered that Terra had been a double agent for Deathstroke the whole time. However, Jericho had joined up with Nightwing to save the other Teen Titans, leading to Slade trying to keep H.I.V.E. from going after Joseph.
The result is a melee between the Teen Titans, Terra, H.I.V.E, and Deathstroke. Jericho takes over Deathstroke, and Beast Boy/Changeling tries to get through to Terra. She begins losing control over her powers and brings the H.I.V.E. base down around her, ultimately killing herself in the process.

1 The Battle Against Superboy-Prime During Infinite Crisis

Superboy Prime DC Comics
Superboy Prime DC Comics
Superboy-Prime's rampage across New Earth during Infinite Crisis is a thing of horrid legend. Superboy-Prime had convinced himself that the New Earth was a corrupted thing that needed to be rewritten to be more like the Golden Age Earth from which he originated.
He encounters seemingly every Teen Titan ever along with the Doom Patrol and the Justice Society, and Superboy-Prime accidentally kills Pantha of the Titans. This only enrages the heroes further, and they try to restrain Superboy-Prime as he continues to kill more heroes including Bushido and Wildebeest of the Teen Titans.