Death Metal: The Robin King Proves Why He's DC's Best Zombie Killer
Brandon Zachary
WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Death Metal: Trinity Crisis #1 by Scott Snyder, Francis Manapul, Ian Herring, and Tom Napolitano, on sale now
The concept of a zombie plague sweeping the globe has been a prevalent element in pop-culture for half a century now -- including introducing various versions of zombified superheroes who retain their fantastical abilities. They've been the core threat of entire franchises like DCeased and Marvel Zombies, but it turns out one villain just figured out the ultimate workaround for zombies.
The Robin King just killed the undead Jonah Hex -- casually revealing that the villain has already found the perfect weapon to counter zombie hordes.


The Robin King has established himself as a major threat and mental powerhouse. A twisted and murderous version of Bruce Wayne who actually killed his own parents, he eventually developed a utility belt full of ways to dispatch the hero community of his world. He's already revealed the painful and personal way he brought down the Flash of his world, and his confrontation with the heroes invading Castle Bat lead him to showcase his workaround for Swamp Thing -- his Rot-arang, coated in the blood of Anton Arcane, that rots and burns even the amplified Swamp Thing. He also pulls out a gun and returns fire against the undead Jonah Hex, landing a single bullet in Hex's head.
Although Harley is initially convinced this won't slow Hex down at all, Hex actually starts to disintegrate in front of his teammates. It turns out that the Robin King had designed ammunition loaded with a substance that replicates the effects of a debrider -- a process by which necrotic and dead tissue is consumed and destroyed. To Harley's horror, the effects of the bullet are fast-acting and completely consume Jonah's body within moments. He has enough time to share some final words with Harley before he falls apart, proving that even the undead can die.
Given the number of zombie apocalypses that have appeared in both the Marvel and DC Universes in recent years, the threat of a zombie with superpowers has been a prevalent concept. But it turns out that across both the core and dark multiverse, one DC villain has casually figured out the workaround. Using weaponry like that could wipe out entire hordes of beings in universes like the Marvel Zombies, and it may even be strong enough to beat back the corrupted Blighted-Ones from DCeased. If this was something the heroes had access to during the early days of Blackest Night, they could have easily countered the near destruction of all life.
What's surprising is that it wasn't the heroes who designed this, but the villainous Robin King. This likely served him in his home reality, with this dark version of Bruce Wayne being particularly brutal against any and all threats. It's likely this kind of weapon would have been the perfect tool to bring down figures like Frankenstein, who are only composed of dead tissue. In doing so though, the Robin King may have introduced the DC multiverse to the perfect way to combat a pervasively devastating threat in multiple realities. If the heroes of the DC Universe are able to actually overcome the threats endangering all of creation in Dark Nights: Death Metal, then they could try to recreate the effects of the bullet and have their own stand-by counter to any potential plague of the undead.