Debris Reveals Its DEADLIEST Alien Zone Yet
Renaldo Matadeen
WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Debris Season 1, Episode 4, "In Universe."
NBC's Debris has really pushed the American-British alliance to the limit in its first season, with both parties withholding crucial information from each other. Still, Finola plays along, as the MI6 agent knows her partner from the CIA, Bryan, will cave and reveal what he's been hiding. However, while she plays this cat-and-mouse game, things get dire as they find the show's deadliest alien zone yet, giving them the first case they can't crack.
In the Midwest, alien debris has terraformed the environment around a farm, causing migrant farmers to mutate. This zone's covered by rain, and inside, the migrants can only breathe in chlorine. Their bodies have adapted quickly to this oxygen-free zone, and all who try to flee the rain end up dying, so they can't reconnect with the outside world.
The alliance arrives, stumped by what's transpiring. Finola's desperate and offered a glimmer of hope when they find Efram coming back to town. He's a salesman taking care of his dead brother's wife and kids, wanting back in. However, information is being kept from him until Finola can come up with a solution.
Sadly, even after drawing his blood, she realizes she can't create a cure using the dead bodies. To make it worse, with the rain zone spreading rapidly, the scientists decide they have to remove the debris and render it inert before more people get affected. The problem is, while this will kill the rain zone off, it'll end the lives of the people inexplicably tied to the debris as they can't survive in Earth's atmosphere. Fiona argues, but Bryan, a former Afghan operative, makes it clear they need to make dirty choices to protect the many.
At this point she decides to think outside the box. Finola has a piece of debris from another mission brought in which can create a bubble that keeps people in suspended animation. Bryan doesn't agree, but she uses it anyway as it's their only hope. The kicker is she feels sorry for Efram and the truth about what she's going to do.
As a result, he runs into the zone and stands with his family as they all go into stasis. It leaves Bryan worried, but Finola is hopeful that someday they'll find a cure at their labs to free the people, but deep down, she knows there could be other macabre zones popping up wherever other pieces of the alien ship fell.
Created by J.H. Wyman, Debris stars Riann Steele, Jonathan Tucker, Norbert Leo Butz and Scroobius Pip. The series airs Mondays at 10pm EST on NBC.