Did Anthony Hopkins Really Never Blink in The Silence of the Lambs?
Brian Cronin
MOVIE URBAN LEGEND: Anthony Hopkins never blinks in The Silence of the Lambs.
Anthony Hopkins' Academy Award winning turn as the brilliant cannibal serial killer, Hannibal Lecter, in The Silence of the Lambs, who advises Jodie Foster's FBI Agent Clarice Starling in the capture of another serial killer, is one of the most affecting turns that you'll see from an actor.
Hopkins was on screen for less than 20 minutes and yet absolutely captured audience's attentions.
However, did he seriously not blink in the film?
Here's the screenwriter of the film, Ted Tally, asked about whether he liked Hopkins' portrayal of Lecter...
Seems straightforward, then, right?
Not really, since of COURSE Hopkins blinks in the film. He blinks many times.
He even blinks in the classic "Fave Beans and a Nice Chianti" scene...
However, it is clear that he does, indeed, blink a lot LESS than people do normally and it is also clear that there are times when he blinks when it a purposeful blink, like when he is savoring Clarice's memory of her dead father in the famous "Quid Pro Quo" scene...
But he DOES blink a few other times. It's still impressive, to be sure, but it's a far cry from "he never blinks in the movie."
The legend is...
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