Final Space: A Major Villain Makes His Devious Return
Zeid Abughazaleh
Warning: The following contains spoilers for Final Space Season 3, Episode 2, "The Hidden Light," which aired Saturday on Adult Swim. 
Separated but still hopeful, the team of Final Space will soon face their biggest threat yet following the shocking return of Earth in Season 3's premiere episode. While Gary, Quinn, KVN and HUE are traversing Earth in search of a functional ship, Avocato, Little Cato, Fox, Ash and Sheryl are sucked out of final space and into the home of the Arachnitects, where they soon learn that there are only three members of the species left, as Invictus has been killing them off one by one.
However, just as the last of the Arachnitects admit hope and courage is their key to survival, they are killed off from an unknown source, which is revealed to be the Lord Commander. The pint-sized ruler of the galaxy makes his triumphant return after the devastating events of Season 1 that saw him use Mooncake to open up the portal to final space. The Lord Commander expected to be taken in by the Titans and crowned as one of their own, but his plan backfired when the first beast to arrive reached over his ship and dragged the Earth into the portal.
Angered and insulted by the rejection, the Lord Commander tried to reactivate the laser that opened the rift, only to be told by Nightfall that Mooncake was now powerless. Nightfall then threw her spear into the Lord Commander, stating that she had killed him one hundred different ways in one hundred different timelines and that Invictus always takes him. Nightfall was certain this time would be different, but as the Lord Commander's lifeless body sat in the decaying ship, Invictus dematerialized him, declaring that his role was not yet finished.
These events took place in Season 2, Episode 1, "The Toro Regatta," and weren't brought up again until "The Hidden Light." While the Lord Commander's appearance was limited in this episode, his presence, along with David Tennant's spine-tingling performance, left a major impact. It's unclear if the Lord Commander received the Titanhood he so desired, but one thing is for sure, he's still hunting Mooncake and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.
Created by Olan Rogers, Final Space stars Olan Rogers, Tom Kenny, Tika Sumpter, Fred Armisen, Steven Yuen, David Tennant and Coty Galloway. Season 3 airs Saturdays on Adult Swim.