Forget Stepping on a LEGO - LEGO Now Lets You Step on an adidas
Sean Gribbin
LEGO enters the world of fashion and sports with an all new set where builders can construct an adidas Superstar shoe.
The company has recently been diversifying its palette of merchandise with creations varying from its usual sets inspired by pop culture games, movies and television. Today, LEGO puts out sets to make wall art, potted plants, replicas and more. The Superstar is the latest addition to the company's vast product base.
The set will be comprised of 731 pieces, including shoelaces, and be marketed for adults 18 and up. The price tag of the set is marked at $79.99 before tax, which is just a little less than a pair of the shoes from adidas, which retails at about $85.
The LEGO version can be customized to what the builder prefers and even arrives in a shoebox. Builders can choose whether they want a right or left shoe, display the set on a stand or not and whatever else they choose to add on to personalize the design.
The shoe nicknamed "Shelltoe" comes with its own official adidas branding elements to capture the accuracy of the original. The included LEGO plaque reads that "The 'Superstar' started as one of the most widely worn basketball models in the 1970's and became an iconic sneaker soon after."
In addition to being able to build the shoe, LEGO and adidas fans can help themselves to a series of co-branded sportswear from the two companies. The limited edition items and the set are on sale now.
Source: LEGO, adidas