Fruits Basket: The Class Casts Its Cinderella Play
Reuben Baron
Fruits Basket 2-20 featured
Fruits Basket 2-20 featured
WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Fruits Basket Season 2, Episode 20, "Are You Okay?" now streaming on Crunchyroll.
A lighter episode than the previous two, "Are You Okay?" is an entirely school-focused episode of Fruits Basket divided between two main plotlines: Yuki's work with the Student Council and the casting announcements for the class' Culture Festival play, a version of Cinderella. It's because of the former that the latter doesn't go as everyone expects.
Since Yuki's the "Prince" of the school, everyone wants him to play the Prince in Cinderella, but taking such a major part would interfere with his student council duties. Instead he takes the role of the Fairy Godmother. Kyo is reluctantly assigned the role of the Prince to Tohru's delight, while Tohru is up for an acting challenge as the wicked stepsister.
Minami from the Prince Yuki Fan Club hopes this will "prove" Tohru is actually evil and herself a superior romantic option for Yuki, but her scheme has a big flaw in it because she's also been cast in a villainous role as the stepmother. Hana is stuck in the lead role as an unexpectedly dark choice for Cinderella, and Uo doesn't get why they're still performing Cinderella in high school anyway.
While the casting promises a comedic twist on a classic fairytale, the other half of the episode plants the seeds for the beginnings of Yuki's own fairytale romance. Whereas Kakeru has long been compared to Yuki's brother Ayame, this episode reveals that the enigmatic Machi is Kakeru's younger sister, and it's clear that she has a lot of parallels to Yuki himself. Kakeru and Machi share a rich father but came from different mothers who fought intensely over whose child would recieve the father's inheritance. Kakeru backed out, leaving Machi with responsibility not entirely dissimilar to Yuki's position in the Sohma family.
When Yuki ends up trapped in a storage closet, spills of paint start triggering PTSD memories related to Akito, and it's the school's "Prince" (or "Fairy Godmother") who needs saving. Sure enough, Machi's propensity for trashing rooms and breaking windows saves him. Machi sensed Yuki's anxiety and wanted to make sure he was OK, opening up to her fellow councilmember in ways she hasn't before.
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