Goldberg Says He Doesn't Pay Attention to Modern 'A--Hole' Fans
Ian Goodwillie
Fw wrestlers have become as big a lightning rod for fan displeasure than WWE's Bill Goldberg. His most recent run saw him win the Universal Championship from "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt, a decision that went over poorly with virtually everyone. However, Goldberg himself has made it clear that he doesn't care what fans think.
In a recent interview with American Monster Productions, the former face of WCW was asked about being a superstar in today's wrestling world. Specifically, he was asked about modern fans. Goldberg's response was on brand for him and quite straightforward, "If I go out and a crowd boos me, I don't take it personally and feel as if I'm not worthy of doing anything. No offense, guys, there's a lot of a--hole fans out there."
Bill Goldberg rose to fame during the Monday Night Wars as an extremely popular member of the WCW roster. His undefeated streak guided him to multiple championships, and captured the attention of fans. But the end of the streak saw Goldberg struggle to be relevant. Recent WWE runs have seen him quickly get gold, becoming one of a string of part time WWE champions who rarely wrestled and were detrimental to how fans viewed WWE's product.
Goldberg's brief reign as the Universal Champion led to Braun Strowman's overdue first major championship, something the WWE had been flirting with for some time.
SummerSlam 2020, WWE's next major event, is scheduled to take place on Aug. 23 at an unknown location, and will air on both pay-per-view and the WWE Network.
(via 411Mania)