Guardians of the Galaxy #16 Jumpstarts Marvel's Last Annihilation With Epic Flair
Benton Jones
Guardians of the Galaxy #16 offers a full-throttle, larger-than-life blast of an issue that also serves as the opening for Marvel Comic's Last Annihilation storyline. Written by Last Annihilation storyline architect Al Ewing, with art from Juan Frigeri and colors from Federico Blee, Guardians of the Galaxy #16 strikes the perfect tone for the Guardians to shine. Offering a well-blended mix of dire, universe-ending drama, and sarcastic, blasé humor, Guardians of the Galaxy#16 is an impressive issue that'll please Marvel fans looking for cosmic mayhem.
Guardians of the Galaxy #16 follows several sub-teams as they desperately grapple with the recently freed Dormammu on the galaxy at large. With humor, heart, and more than a few highlight moments, Guardians of the Galaxy #16 proves a fantastic first issue for Marvel's Last Annihilation event and doesn't show signs of easing off the gas any time soon.
Ewing's script for Guardians of the Galaxy #16 is perfectly paced, which is an impressive feat considering how far-reaching the issue is. From planet to planet the issue skips with ease, never missing a beat -- even when jumping halfway across the universe. Held together by a common tone, the issue manages never to lull or rush, always hovering precisely in the sweet spot between calamity and comedy. Not to mention, the action in Guardians of the Galaxy #16 manages to be creative and original throughout, which is always refreshing to see considering action sequences are easy to take for granted in an issue of this magnitude.
Frigeri draws fantastic heroes that stand imposing and impressive, but never without warmth. Compassion for our Marvel heroes reverberates off the panels and makes the pages a joy to read. While the action-heavy moments of the issue excel, the panels' quieter moments are where the art truly shines. The art on Guardians of the Galaxy #16 keeps fabulous pace with the writing for an issue that ebbs and flows as one. Understanding exactly where to push and where to pull, creating a book that gives ample breathing space, but still always feels as though it's pushing bravely ahead. The colors, from Federico Blee, are equally spectacular. Blee colors the vast expanse of space with reds, purples, and pinks rather than sheer black, which visually adds so much depth and joy to the issue.
As the first official issue in the Last Annihilation event, the story mostly deals with the dreaded Dormammu's first wave of attacks on the galaxy. With the Guardians calling in a host of allies (and even some enemies) to aid in their defense of the cosmos, the situation becomes increasingly engaging as Dormammu calls down his horde of Mindless Ones to overwhelm the ever-expanding list of Marvel heroes and antiheroes fighting for the fate of the galaxy.
With a fantastic tone and wonderful visuals, the issue strikes an irresistible tone that gets to the heart of what makes the Guardians of the Galaxy such a beloved team.