Harley Quinn: DC Just Added Another Chapter to Batman: White Knight
Cat Wyatt
Harley batman white Knight
Harley batman white Knight
WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red #6 by Sean Murphy, Katana Collins, Matteo Scalera, and Andworld Design, available now.
Harley Quinn's latest series, Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red has been a collection of short stories that are set all over Harley's timeline, and it just jumped into one of DC's most popular alternate universes, the world of Sean Murphy's Batman: White Knight.
In that series, Harley revealed surprising depths that showed fans the true depth to her character. In Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red #6, another chapter to that particular story has been added, where Harley left the Joker on her own volition and grew surprisingly close to Batman. In the wake of Bruce Wayne's incarceration in Batman: Curse of the White Knight, this issue begins with Harley spending some time with her twins – and her hyenas, of course.
The three humans are all working on creating Valentine's Day cards, which they plan to send to Batman himself. Though in this reality, the children consider Batman to be Uncle Bruce. Meanwhile, Harley has an infinitely more compelx relationship with Bruce/Batman. While writing her own letter to Bruce, she's reminded of the very first time she was arrested by Batman and Robin.
Harley's first encounter with Batman begins with a museum heist where she's helping the Joker. Much of what follows is predictable, with a few twists that could be considered endearing. Batman and Robin rush in to save the day and stopping Harley and Joker from reaching their goals.
Throughout this ordeal, Harley's empathetic nature shines through as she make sure the hostages are safe, albeit discreetly. As Batman notes, she is shown once again blunting the Joker's temper and aggression, saving lives in the process.
To many, these acts of Harley's could be easily overlooked. After all, she's still participating in a crime. However, that is not the case for the World's Greatest Detective, who did not miss the minutiae of the scene. Bruce saw what many others didn't; that Harley was consistently working to mitigate the Joker's damage.
All of this hearkens back to the last time Harley saw Robin in this world when Harley decided to leave the Joker, since he had gone too far by kidnapping Robin with clear intent to kill the young man. Ultimately, Harley did the right thing by running away to bring Batman to the scene. While her actions were too late, Harley did succeed in saving a life that night, as she stopped Batman from killing Joker.
It's hard to ignore the intentional parallels being drawn here. In Batman: White Knight, Harley has consistently done everything possible to diminish the devastation caused by the Joker, all while having her actions slide under the radar. It's a trend that begins with her very first heist with the Joker and continues until the moment she decides to leave him.
Like Harley, there's more to this issue that might first appear. it also follows up on Batman: Curse of the White Knight, as the Valentine's letter she writes to Bruce makes the very same confession of love that occurred within those pages.
In that complicated series of events, Harley and Bruce had been working closely together, which resulted in them falling in love. While they ultimately had their own paths to follow, there was still that one beautiful moment before Bruce went to prison.
Once again, this all ties back to the idea that Harley is a beacon of light in the darkness. She's a character that hides in the shadows but does everything she can to help mitigate the pain occurring all around her. With the next entry in the White Knight universe set to focus on Harley Quinn, the adventures of this version of Harley are just getting started.