Heavy Metal Movie Celebrates 40th Anniversary With a Killer Custom Guitar
Jeremy Blum
Heavy Metal 40th Anniversary celebratory guitar
Heavy Metal 40th Anniversary celebratory guitar
The classic 1981 animated anthology Heavy Metal turns 40 this year and fans of the film can now celebrate its anniversary with an impressive electric guitar.
The instrument is a collaboration between Heavy Metal Entertainment, the production company Incendium and custom guitar-makers Minarik Guitars. Selling for a hefty $19,666 and only available in limited quantities until the end of 2021, each guitar is made to order.
Heavy Metal 40th Guitar
Heavy Metal 40th Guitar
Heavy Metal 40th Guitar
Heavy Metal 40th Guitar
The body of the guitar features an illustration of the film's iconic hero Taarna, riding atop her faithful pterodactyl-like steed, Alvis, as well a sword surrounded by lightning along the fretboard. The artwork was designed by Matt Skiff and airbrushed by painter Craig Fraser, known for his work on guitars used by Iron Maiden.
The backside of the instrument, designed to resemble metal torn from a damaged bomber plane, is replete with bullet holes and missile artwork. Its appearance is a nod to Heavy Metal's B-17 bomber segment, which featured a World War II pilot facing off against a slew of zombie crewmates.
Aside from its vivid illustrations, the guitar is built from Honduran mahogany and carries hundreds of inlaid materials -- including acrylics, aluminum, brass, stone, and mother of pearl that emphasize the lightning surrounding Taarna and her sword. Other hidden highlights are only visible when viewing the guitar under a blacklight.
"The illustrious legacy of Heavy Metal is no better represented than by a custom guitar to celebrate this momentous occasion," Heavy Metal Entertainment CEO Matthew Medney said. "Balancing art and music along with counter culture is and has been our ethos for these 40 years."
Llexi Leon, CEO of Incendium, added that this was the first time the company had produced an "individually hand-built, painted and crafted product." Leon said it was a "great privilege to be working with the tremendous luthiers, airbrush artists, inlay experts, [and] technicians" who had come together for the project.
Heavy Metal, named after the long-running sci-fi magazine, was released on Aug. 7, 1981. The film featured a variety of gritty and surreal stories revolving around the Loc-Nar, a sentient orb that emanated eldritch energy. Taarna, the scantily-clad, sword-wielding survivor of the dying Taarakian race, was the movie's standout character. She starred in Heavy Metal's final sequence, which was roughly inspired by French artist Jean "Moebius" Giraud's Arzach comics.
The film received a sequel in 2000 entitled Heavy Metal 2000, also called Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.² outside of North America.
Source: Heavy Metal Entertainment