How Beastars Sets Up Season 3
Renaldo Matadeen
WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2 of Beastars, now streaming on Netflix.
Following the beastly teen drama of Season 1, Season 2 of Beastars solves the anime's biggest mystery with the person who killed Tem at Cherryton Academy going to jail. Legoshi and Louis are the ones to help put the bear, Riz, behind bars but there are many other issues still lingering by the time the season wraps up. After all, Cherryton has had a lot more drama brewing outside of that murder for a while. With that in mind, let's look at where Season 3 of Beastars could take the animals in the future.

Louis' New Purpose

Cherryton doesn't want carnivores and herbivores feuding again after another incident in the drama club, so both 'species' will be separated. It's caused tension as some herbivores love it for their safety, some carnivores are glad and don't want to be triggered into their predator modes, but others want both sides to live in harmony.
Thankfully, with Louis returning to school after feeding Legoshi his leg to power him up against Riz, he has a new purpose and understanding. Beastars Season 3 can make him a social justice champion for this cause. He'll be eager to bring change, moving from being a teen celebrity in their eyes to a mature leader.
Louis learned that everyone is meant to coexist during his time with the Shishi-Gumu gang, which fits the forward-thinking politician his adoptive father always wanted. But Louis will have trouble facing if the lions retaliate for him fleeing the gang, while he will have to fix the rocky relationship with his dad as it seems the man's a corrupt businessman.

Legoshi's Ultimate Destiny

Legoshi ends Season 2 of Beastars by telling Haru he wants to go out and explore the world after realizing he can help carnivores quell their urges. He broke through to Riz and helped Louis understand the alpha beasts more, so Season 3 can focus on the wolf working with Gouhin. They trained in a vigilante-like manner, apprehending devourers and then reconditioning them to go back out into society.
Though Legoshi wants to continue following this path, it could run him and Gouhin into trouble because the Black Market makes money off carnivores who want herbivores. This could also rope Louis back in as his former gang has already beat Legoshi up for interfering in their business.
Other gangs may get involved too, and there's a chance that past enemies of Gouhin might hunt them in Season 3. Lastly, as much as the cops may want to shut the Black Market down, they'd also be interested in Legoshi and Gouhin for obstructing the course of justice.

Haru's Final Decision: Louis or Legoshi?

With Louis back in school, Haru's feelings will return as they had a sexual encounter in Season 1 of Beastars. She's been trying to shake off her promiscuous tag since, but it grew more complicated when she started developing feelings for Legoshi. While they drew lines and took it slow, Louis is someone she still lusts after.
He dreams about her often and she even tried to call him in Season 2, so they still have to explore their relationship and find some closure if they don't get together. Louis has abandoned contact as he felt inadequate when the lions kidnapped Haru -- only for Legoshi to save her -- so that needs to be addressed too. Ironically, Louis has made a connection with another teen wolf in Juno, as well as a stripper named Cosmo from the Black Market, so he'll have other romantic options to sift through if Haru doesn't pick him.
As for Legoshi, Haru told him if he quit school, she'd find a new boyfriend. Season 3 of Beastars could see him leave her to figure out her feelings for Louis, gambling on her heart. Admittedly, Legoshi does love her but it seems like he takes her for granted. He's afraid of moving to the next level, but now that he can control the carnivore within, he may well force her hand into a final decision, ending this love triangle once and for all.