Invincible: A Major Character Discovers Mark Grayson's Superhero Secret
Renaldo Matadeen
WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the sixth episode of Invincible, "You Look Kinda Dead," streaming now on Amazon Prime.
In the Invincible television series, Mark Grayson has been dependable when it comes to keeping his secret. He hasn't let anyone know his superhero identity as he's focused on training under his Viltrumite father, Nolan/Omni-Man, and on doing what Cecil's Global Defense Agency requires.
Admittedly, it's tough, and dedicating so much time to crimefighting has cut into his romantic life with Amber. However, as much as he's resisted the urge to tell her who he really is, another major character finds out the truth and it could complicate matters down the line.
This is none other than Mark's best friend, Will, who discovers he's Invincible when they make a road trip to Upstate University to check out pre-med courses, and also for Will to reconnect with his beau, Rick. In the quadrangle, there's a surprise attack from a cyborg, all due to the demented genius, D.A. Sinclair, who thinks he's engineering the next evolution of mankind.
The bot's quite strong and given that Mark's reeling from his last beating, he's not that powerful. Still, he has to protect the innocents, including Will and Amber, which leads to him and the bot engaging in a grappling match. Will's right below them, though, after getting choked, and looking up at Mark's jawline, he can tell this is the guy he's grown up with for years. He whispers his name, but Mark begs him to keep quiet and take cover with Amber.
Eventually, the bot kills itself, leaving Mark relieved as he really isn't up to strength. Sadly, Amber's pissed, thinking he had ditched them as the chaos ensued. But while Will covers, he's fascinated by Mark being Invincible all this time, and as expected, he wants the full story. He gets some of it, nagging Mark to take him flying and to try his super suit on, but it quickly takes a backseat as they have to deal with Rick getting nabbed and experimented on by Sinclair.
It does set up an intriguing dynamic that should play out differently compared to the comics, though. In Invincible #6, Will found out at the university, observing Invincible from afar and also, from the timing of the hero disappearing and Mark reappearing disheveled. Mark wasn't dating Amber yet so he and Will had more time to iron the bombshell out, with Will promising to keep the news safe.
It caused tension with Eve, Mark's superhero crush, and Amber down the line as the latter ended up having trust issues over who Mark confided in. The show seems to be subverting this because with Amber already pissed with Mark's absenteeism, if she finds out that Will and Eve knew his identity before her, she may get jealous and insecure. It could cement her leaving him for good, and most of all, if Nolan finds out, Will could be in trouble as he knows Will has a very big mouth.
Invincible stars Steven Yeun, J.K. Simmons, Sandra Oh, Seth Rogen, Gillian Jacobs, Andrew Rannells, Zazie Beetz, Mark Hamill, Walton Goggins, Jason Mantzoukas, Mae Whitman, Chris Diamantopoulos, Melise, Kevin Michael Richardson, Grey Griffin and Max Burkholder. The series is produced by Skybound, and executive produced by Robert Kirkman, Simon Racioppa, David Alpert and Catherine Winder. New episodes are released Fridays on Amazon Prime Video.