James Gunn Says Warner Bros Hasn't Abandoned the DCEU Label
Sandy Schaefer
James Gunn in front of Suicide Squad poster
James Gunn in front of Suicide Squad poster
Despite earlier attempts to abandon the label, The Suicide Squad writer/director James Gunn said Warner Bros. Pictures continues to refer to its DC franchise as the DC Extended Universe.
Gunn spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about whether "DCEU" is still used internally at the studio. "Yeah, it is. It is, sometimes. Yeah, I think that there’s definitely an eye," Gunn said. "I got a lot more of it after ['The Suicide Squad'] was made, frankly, because they’re really just trying to make everything fit together much better."
The Suicide Squad reflects Warner Bros.' ongoing efforts to make its DC adaptations fit together, serving as a quasi-sequel to 2016's Suicide Squad while also existing as a standalone film designed to set up other releases, including Gunn's Peacemaker series. "[I] know a lot of it because of working on Peacemaker and doing that, which is definitely connected to The Suicide Squad and it ends up being connected to other DC properties," Gunn said. "So yeah, I think that, more than ever, there’s sort of an eye to connect stuff a little bit more."
At the same time, Gunn indicated Warner Bros. isn't giving up on making live-action DC movies or series that aren't strictly connected to the DCEU. "But also, they’re willing to take those properties like Joker and make them standalone DC properties. So I think that’s a good balance," he added.
Gunn's comments align with Warner Bros.' official slate of upcoming DC movies and shows. Most of these projects connect to the DCEU launched by Man of Steel in 2013, including the developing Aquaman and Shazam! sequels, as well as The Flash and Black Adam solo films. However, Matt Reeves' The Batman reportedly takes place in a different part of the DC cinematic multiverse, as would any sequels and the Gotham City Police Department spinoff series being made for HBO Max.
The Suicide Squad is currently playing in theaters and streaming on HBO Max. While he is moving on to direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 for Marvel Studios, DC Films president Walter Hamada recently teased Gunn's return for future DCEU projects, stating, "He’ll be back. We have more stuff planned."