Kill la Kill: Will There Ever Be a Season 2?
Reuben Baron
ryuko matoi from kill la kill
ryuko matoi from kill la kill
Kill la Kill was the first TV anime from Studio Trigger, airing for 24 episodes from 2013-14. Directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi of Gurren Lagann fame, the magical girl action-comedy was not without its controversies but proved to be a wildly popular fan-favorite, eventually airing on Adult Swim's Toonami block in 2015.
Given Kill la Kill's popularity, it's reasonable that some fans want to spend more time with Ryuko, Satsuki, Mako and the rest of Honnouji Academy. However, those folks might be better off playing the video game or rewatching the series on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix or Hulu, as the odds of a second season being made are low.

The Plot of Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill follows high school girl Ryuko Matoi as she seeks to find her father's murderers. Wielding half of her father's scissor blade, her quest brings her to Honnouji Academy, a school where the student council rules with an iron fist and the strict class structure is enforced with special Goku Uniforms. Ryuko ends up with an incredibly powerful uniform of her own, though not by choice: a sentient sailor outfit named Senketsu is thirsty for blood and forces itself upon her, granting Ryuko extraordinary powers in exchange for it. Ryuko uses these powers to fight the student council president Satsuki Kiryuin, who has her own uniform named Junketsu.
The plot of Kill la Kill goes in many directions. There are nudist resistance fighters, classic shonen tournaments, new villains introduced midway through who make old antagonists suddenly sympathetic, a friendship-turned-romance between Ryuko and her hyperactive classmate Mako Makanshoku, alien invasions, narrative excuses for the most ridiculous fan service costumes and a wealth of themes surrounding fashion, fascism and sexuality.

Will There Be a Season 2 of Kill la Kill?

Over seven years since its conclusion, a second season of Kill la Kill seems both unlikely and unnecessary. Kill la Kill ended on a conclusive note, with the villains defeated and the Life Fibers that powered the series' combat scenes all destroyed.
For those wanting additional Kill la Kill content beyond the 24-episode TV series, there is an OVA epilogue only available on the show's Blu-ray and DVD releases. Additionally, the world of Kill la Kill was visited in Episode 7 of Space Patrol Luluco. Given that all Studio Trigger anime are said to share a universe, it's more likely that characters from Kill la Kill could show up in a completely different anime than there being a Kill la Kill Season 2.