Marvel: 7 Villains With Surprising Talents
Josh Davison
a split image of three marvel villains
a split image of three marvel villains
There are some terrifyingly powerful villains across the Marvel Universe. There are beings who can shatter worlds, tear holes in the dimensional fabric, and contact demons from parallel universes capable of consuming everything. Despite being capable of these monumental feats, there are still hidden aspects of these rogues that haven't often been explored in comic books.
There are some rogues who carry talents from previous jobs or hobbies, and others who are seemingly capable of things that they just don't do very often. These hidden and surprising talents can often shape these villains and make them into the deadly foes that our heroes fear.

7 The Abomination Started Off His Career As A Spy

Emil Blonsky, aka the Abomination, actually started off his career in an unexpected way. He was a Soviet spy intended to steal the secrets of Bruce Banner and General Thunderbolt Ross' gamma bomb. Instead, he found himself doused in gamma radiation as well, becoming the hulking Abomination.
This is quite an ironic twist, as Blonsky being a spy shows that he has skills in subterfuge, stealth, and misdirection. As the Abomination, Blonsky is one of the hardest to miss individuals on the face of the Earth. He is a vast brutish monster, and one would never guess that this guy has a talent for being quiet.

6 Songbird Was On The Grapplers, A Team Of Villainess Professional Wrestlers

Songbird of the Thunderbolts was once the villain known as the Screaming Mimi. During this period, Melissa Gold was also a professional wrestler and even joined up with a team of other villains to become the Grapplers, a team of professional wrestler women. This team consisted of Screaming Mimi, Poundcakes, Letha, and Titania.
As the hero Songbird, Melissa rarely engages in physical combat, preferring to use her sonic constructs using a device given to her by Baron Zemo. With that in mind, it's funny to remember that Melissa is capable of the theatrics and physical combat inherent to professional wrestling.

5 Moonstone Is A Master Manipulator Thanks To Her Psychiatric Training

Another Thunderbolt, Moonstone is one of the most powerful individuals to have ever been on the team. Karla Sofen is capable of producing powerful energy blasts, flying, and immense feats of strength. However, she has another talent apart from any of these physical feats: she is a psychiatrist.
Dr. Karla Sofen was once a licensed therapist and can play with the human psyche and perception quite well. She's often used this to manipulate her Thunderbolts teammates over the years and is the main reason she is rarely trusted by her allies.

4 Thunderball Of The Wrecking Crew Is A Brilliant Physicist

The Wrecking Crew is known to be one of the most brutish and hard-headed supervillain squads in Marvel Comics. Indeed, the Wrecker, Piledriver, and Bulldozer aren't particularly bright individuals. However, Thunderball was once a brilliant physicist who had to resort to theft to fund his research.
This landed him in prison, where he met Dirk Garthwaite, aka the Wrecker, and ended up being gifted the same powers as the Wrecker. However, Dr. Eliot Franklin has recently been given a new lease on life in Wakanda, where the Black Panther has trusted Franklin with his own research laboratory. Thunderball of the Wrecking Crew may be reformed.

3 Boomerang Was A Famous Major League Baseball Pitcher

Amazing Spider-Man Boomerang
Amazing Spider-Man Boomerang
Before the fateful day where he decided to use weaponized boomerangs and throwing disks to take on the Incredible Hulk, Fred Myers was a popular major league baseball pitcher.
This fed into the Boomerang's talent for hurling weaponized projectiles. Boomerang is one of the least respected and often mocked villains in Spider-Man's rogues' gallery, but he had one of the most successful careers out there before falling into his cycle of crime. Of course, Boomerang has made attempts to redeem himself recently and has even partnered up with Spider-Man.

2 And Bullseye (Might) Have Been A Baseball Player At One Point

Bullseye, the deadly archnemesis to Daredevil, also has an alleged history as a baseball player. However, he grew bored at how easy the game was for him and instead killed a batter at the end of a no-hitter.
Of course, this is all hearsay. Bullseye never tells the same story about himself twice, and his full name isn't even known. Like the Joker, Bullseye likes to tell lies about his backstory to confuse and frustrate those who seek to understand him.

1 Thanos Is A Sorcerer In Addition To Everything Else He Does

Thanos Is Kronos' Grandosn
Thanos Is Kronos' Grandosn
Thanos is a hulking being of immense physical strength and bottomless cosmic energy. He is nearly indestructible and has put the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy in their place several times. However, he has never used sorcery or magic to do so.
Despite that, Thanos seems very capable of doing so. Thanos' origins state that he used a mixture of brutal science and dark magics to augment his already impressive Eternal-Deviant form at some point before he started his bloody rampage across the cosmos. The extent of these magics is unknown, and Thanos has seemingly never called upon this mystic knowledge since then.