Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 1's Easter Eggs & Callbacks
Renaldo Matadeen
he-man masters of universe revelation
he-man masters of universe revelation
WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the first part of Season 1 of Masters of the Universe: Revelation, now available on Netflix.
Thanks to key deaths and secrets from Teela's past, Masters of the Universe: Revelation Season 1 takes the He-Man franchise in a new direction. However, there are also plenty of nods to the toys and cartoons of old. Here are the biggest so far.

The Classic Toy Poster

Alongside "The Power of Grayskull," the opening of Masters of the Universe: Revelation draws from the artwork Mattel used to promote the original action figure line. It shows the heroes, villains, the war being fought and the castle in an epic montage.

The Hall of Wisdom

The Hall of Wisdom is in the heart of Castle Grayskull and it's where Skeletor goes to in the Masters of the Universe: Revelation premiere to extract power from the Council of Elders. This hall actually debuted in the 2002 reboot with a similar purpose, as it held the secrets of the Council of Elders. Man-At-Arms built a mystical wall to protect it. Later in Revelation, Sorceress tries to create a magical wall to protect the hall.

The Sword of Power

He-Man and Battle Cat in Masters of the Universe: Revelation
He-Man and Battle Cat in Masters of the Universe: Revelation
In the mini-comic before the '83 cartoon, He-Man's sword was the key to dropping the drawbridge to enter Castle Grayskull. Here, it's the key to unlock the heart of the castle, which Skeletor uses to draw out the magical orb. And just like the comic, the sword is split into two halves, but in this case, the parts are linked to Preternia and Subternia, the realms they were forged in.


A failed Masters of the Universe spin-off, The Powers of Grayskull, was initially set to focus on this prehistoric Eternia with Adam's ancestor, He-Ro, presiding over things. Masters of the Universe: Revelation alters Preternia in "The Forge at the Forest Forever" to be a heaven where Eternia's champions are, making it somewhat akin to Valhalla. There are also the towers from the 1986 Eternia playset when Teela's team gets to the afterlife. They're powered by He-Ro and help the heroes get home.

Subternia & Scare Glow

Subternia debuted in the 2002 reboot as a dark realm where monsters resided. In Masters of the Universe: Revelation, it's tweaked to become the underworld, with Scare Glow ruling. Scare Glow himself is a nod to the Masters of the Universe toys. He was once described as a ghost, leaving his relation to Skeletor unclear.

The Well of Darkness

Tiffany Smith voices Andra in Masters of the Universe: Revelation
Tiffany Smith voices Andra in Masters of the Universe: Revelation
The Well of Darkness was used in the 2002 reboot by Hordak to blight Eternia and engulf it in darkness, but in this case, it's a pocket of Subternia where everyone's fears come to life. It haunts Teela's team, breaking their minds by showing them dead loved ones and monsters to get them to give up and remain in Subternia forever.


Masters of the Universe: Revelation has Evil-Lyn shapeshifting and pretending to be an old woman named Majestra to trick Teela into joining her crusade to get magic back, beginning with stealing Skeletor's chalice. It's a nod to the original cartoon, where Evil-Lyn snuck into the palace at Eternos, disguised as a mage named Majestra to steal a relic.

The Shaping Staff & Faker

The Shaping Staff appears early on in the Masters of the Universe: Revelation premiere. Skeletor wields it, disguising himself and Evil-Lyn as Spikor and Clawful to infiltrate Grayskull. Stridor, the robotic horse Man-At-Arms built, is with them, but it's actually the evil Night Stalker from the UK comics. While Sorceress sees through the ruse and apprehends them, she's ambushed by He-Man as she didn't realize he was the evil robot, Faker -- another nod to the Filmation era where the cartoon made Faker a magical construct as opposed to a bot like the original toys.

Teela and Sorceress' Connections

Sorceress and Evil-Lyn in Masters of the Universe: Revelation
Sorceress and Evil-Lyn in Masters of the Universe: Revelation
The original cartoon had Teela's dad as a mysterious soldier with Sorceress as her mom, wiping her mind as she wasn't prepared to succeed. The 2002 reboot hinted Man-At-Arms was the one who impregnated Sorceress, though, and Masters of the Universe: Revelation follows this path. Adam's mom even calls her a "warrior goddess," which is how the original toys and mini comics packaged Teela to start pushing her as the new Sorceress. Also, the ageing Sorceress in this cartoon homages the live-action Dolph Lundgren movie, where she got weak as Skeletor drained the Power of Grayskull.

The Glove of Globolah

In Episode 2, "The Poisoned Chalice," Teela and Andra recover the Glove of Globolah for a priestess. This gauntlet, which had power akin to Castle Grayskull, was part of a comic in issue #5 of the United Kingdom edition of the Masters of the Universe magazine. Mantenna and Hordak sought it out but He-Man would rescue the item and store it in the castle.

Andra's Presence

Andra is used in Masters of the Universe: Revelation as a romantic interest for Teela, but she's also depicted as a scavenger and selfless engineer who wants to save the cosmos by helping Evil-Lyn out. Andra briefly appeared in the Marvel Comics run as a rival to Teela, and in the toyline, as someone the villainous Karg eyed in the Masters of the Universe history books.

Other Heroes and Villains

When Man-At-Arms brings his crew to the castle in the premiere, Fisto is there with his giant hand. He's a staple of the original series, and 2002's reboot made him Man-At-Arms' brother. Clamp Champ, with his iconic arm-clamp, also appears. He didn't get to debut in the original cartoon or the reboot, so this cameo is some form of justice.
As for the villains, Whiplash, Skeletor's lackey, is beaten up later on in Snake Mountain by Teela and Andra to get the chalice, while Tri-Klops and Trap Jaw form a tech-cult with Skeletor gone, evolving them from being guys he bossed around in previous cartoons. Beast Man also works with Evil-Lyn, fed up of the bullying, just like the deserter, Mer-Man.

The Vehicles and Beasts

As Skeletor's army attacks Castle Grayskull in the Masters of the Universe: Revelation premiere, there are many vehicles from the original series: the Land Shark, the Sky Sled, the Roton and the Bashasaurus. A version of Skeletor's steed, Panthor, is spotted at the "The Forge at the Forest of Forever," where the heroes hunt it. King Grayskull is even riding a dino akin to Bionatops while Adam and Teela using flying discs that feel plucked from the Lundgren film from 1987.
Executive produced by Kevin Smith, the beautifully animated first five episodes of Masters of the Universe: Revelation are now available to stream on Netflix.