MHA: Pro Hero Snipe Nearly Killed Shigaraki During the U.S.J. Incident
Ashley Maaike
Though My Hero Academia is now on its fifth season, events from Season 1 have made a lasting impact on U.A.'s Class 1-A U.A. Looking back at pivotal moments, the terrifying U.S.J. Incident undoubtedly scarred the students most, the League of Villains ambushing a training exercise and bringing Pro Hero danger to the still-in-training students. When the Pro Hero Snipe arrived on the scene, he and other pro heroes made quick work of the villains, nearly slaying their villainous leader Shigaraki right then and there.
A specialized U.A. teacher, Snipe’s Homing Quirk allows him to unleash a flurry of bullets with deadly accuracy. When he encountered Shigaraki about to disintegrate Deku, he wasted no time popping off shots from his gun right at the League of Villains leader, drilling him with holes that could’ve easily spelled his end. Let’s reexamine what happened during the U.S.J. Incident, and how Snipe is the true MVP.
Tomura Shigaraki is most definitely designed to be a sort of villainous foil for Deku, both of them carrying on a Quirk legacy, One For All and All For One, respectively. Shigaraki is one of My Hero Academia’s first major villains, introduced alongside Kurogiri and his growing League of Villains. However, his essential role in the series was nearly cut short by Snipe during the U.S.J. Incident.
Though Snipe hasn't exactly gone on to be a major character, he definitely made a deceptively huge impact during his first appearance. Deku had just leaped over to help defend a weakened All Might when Kurogiri suddenly warped Shigaraki in to annihilate them both. As Shigaraki's hand reached in for Deku’s face, ready to use his Decay Quirk, a bullet soared in and struck Shigaraki right in his palm, right before making contact.
Snipe then fires more shots far off in the opposite direction to save Momo, Jiro and Kamanari from their attacker before redirecting back to Shigaraki. At this point, Shigaraki knew it was time to get out of there, but before he made his escape, Snipe turned his focus back to the villain and pummeled him with more ammunition, sinking at least four more bullets into his frail body. Kurogiri manages to protect Shigaraki just in time, but not before Snipe does a serious number on him.
Able to shoot anything within six hundred meters, the incredible marksman nearly decimated Shigaraki along with a heap of other villains during the U.S.J. incident. While All Might gets most of the screen time battling with the indestructable Nomu, Snipe’s phenomenal heroic actions were vastly overlooked in the grand scheme. Fans will just have to hope he gets the attention he deserves as My Hero Academia continues to unfold.