My Hero Academia: 10 Things You Need To Know About The Villains
Danny Hernandez
With its fourth season well underway, My Hero Academia is about to shed some light on some of its most nefarious and ruthless villains. While fans have been looking forward to one of the darkest arcs of the anime, the heroes themselves are in for quite a shock. Now that All Might is out of the way, it’s finally time for the villains of the series to rise. But who are these villains? What makes them tick? And how did they become the looming threats that send chills down even the most seasoned heroes’ spine? Let’s find out.

10 How Tenko Shimura Became Tomura Shigaraki

Like many other heroes and villains, the boy who would grow into Tomura Shigaraki has a story that begins with a great tragedy. A young Tenko Shimura, who had repeatedly been abused by his father would one day awaken a very devastating quirk, and like many young people that have powers thrust upon them, it was something he could not control. The power to turn anything he touches into dust may be an incredibly useful ability for the world preeminent supervillain, but for a young boy simply trying to reach out to his family, it became truly devastating. As his entire family (save for their hands) turned to dust around him, the young Tenko was forced to let go of who he was. After All For One finds the young, distraught boy and took him under his wing, the frightened Tenko would take on a new name, Tomura Shigaraki.

9 Tomura Was Based On A Character From Kohei Horikoshi’s First One-Shot

My Hero Academia is a series that pulls inspiration from a plethora of pop culture icons. From references to Spider-Man and Super to Akira and Mario, creator Kohei Horikoshi has truly created a world filled with brilliant easter eggs for fans to discover. However, when creating the series central antagonist, Horikoshi decided to pull from something a little closer to home, his own work.
In his very first one-shot, Horikoshi to the story of a young boy named Tenko who could turn anything his two hands touched into dust, sound familiar? The similarities don’t end there, however, as the character design for Tenko looks remarkably similar to Tomura’s own, shaggy hair and lanky body seem to run in the “turn everything we touch into dust” family.

8 Kai Chisaki’s Quirk: Overhaul

While fans have already gotten a peek at the mysterious Kai Chisaki, what they haven’t gotten a very good look at is the masked villain’s quirk, Overhaul. Chisaki may seem pretty menacing at first glance, his quirk takes him to a completely different level. Overhaul allows Chisaki the disassemble and reassemble anything he touches. Think of him like Edward Elrich without the need for equivalent exchange. He can disassemble an opponent’s body, reassemble his own (or his allies’) and he can even merge himself with his allies in order to take advantage of their quirks. Yikes.

7 Mysophobia

With a quirk as powerful as Overhaul, Chisaki may seem nearly unstoppable. While Chisaki is incredibly powerful, he does have one very real weakness: his fear of germs. That right, in a world filled to the brim with superheroes, this supervillains greatest fears are microscopic.
Chisaki has an absolute disdain for anything that he comes in contact with that could be viewed as dirty or messy. He is the type that demands the headquarters which he and his yakuza brethren inhabit stay perfectly clean. And should Chisaki happen to stumble upon a mess, well, whoever is responsible will likely become the next mess that needs cleaning.

6 Quirks: A Plague On Mankind

According to a rumor that was started long ago, when quirks first began manifesting in humans, there was a theory that rats had actually passed along an infection that mutated and gave unsuspecting humans their abilities. As purell-carrying, bacteria-blasting, Mysophobic- mess Chisaki obviously couldn’t deal with the fact that so much of the world had become infest with this disease. While most humans paid little attention to this obscure and ridiculous tale, Chisaki took it to heart and would not rest until he had cured the world of this sickness.

5 Kai’s Betrayal Of Shie Hassaiki

When Chisaki was a young boy he was saved from a life on the streets by a man named Shie Hassaiki, the leader of a yakuza crime family. While Chisaki felt incredibly indebted to Haissaiki, when he found out that his granddaughter Eri was capable of rewinding a person’s physical experience, he began to formulate a plan. Chisaki wanted to use Eri’s cells in order to create a drug that would remove the quirk of anyone who had been injected with it, thus curing the world of the plague of quirks. However, when Haissaiki refused to go along with his plan, Chisaki took out the man who had saved him from squalor (leaving him in a coma) and began to fulfill his plan on his own.

4 Tomura Shigaraki’s Relation To All Might

While Tomura is not blood-related to the number one hero, All Might, they do share a certain history. Remember that abusive father mentioned at the beginning of this article? Well, that man was the son of Nana Shimura, better known as the woman who would pass One For All onto Toshinori Yagi, the man who would become All Might. After giving her son up to a foster home in order to keep him safe from the world of heroes and villains, Nana would request that neither All Might nor her trusted friend Gran Torino ever make contact with her son. What she couldn’t possibly predict, however, is how her son would grow up hating the hero community, deeming them too busy saving strangers to ever truly care for their family. A trait he seemingly passed onto his son, Tomura.

3 Why All For One Chose Tomura

Although Tomura’s quirk, Decay can be incredibly devastating under the right circumstances, his abilities are not the reason the All For One chose to take the young boy under his wing. In fact, All For One had a much more insidious reason for bringing the young boy with the tragic background to the forefront of villainy, revenge. All For One did not wish to simply defeat All Might, he hoped to utterly destroy the number one hero.
However, with Tomura by his side he could do just that. By making All Might aware of the fact that the young Tomura was actually the grandson of his mentor, Nana Shimura, he could ensure that All Might would have to contend with the fact that he was fighting to destroy his mentor’s legacy and her only remaining family member.

2 Scar Tissue That I Wish You Saw

Over the years, All Might and One For All have really put each other through the wringer. In fact, All For One’s body has been so heavily damaged that it’s a wonder that villain with many quirks is even still able to walk, or fly, or whatever it is that he does nowadays. All For One has been so heavily damaged over the years and through his many skirmished with the different generations of All For One users, that his entire head is covered in what appears to be scar tissue. This tissue covers his eyes, ears, around the top of his head and the back of his neck. While he can’t really see or hear through this tissue, he has many quirks to take the place of these essential body parts.

1 Shigaraki: A Man Of Many Quirks

Shigaraki, or All For One as fans and heroes may know him, has the ability to steal any quirk he wishes and pass them along to other people if he so chooses. While he has passed along many quirks, All For One prefers to keep the strongest and most essential of his stolen quirks to himself. Quirks like Search and Infrared Ray allow him to compensate for the fact that he can no longer see, but those are just a couple of the many quirks that All For One carries within himself. He can also use Airwalk to fly and he has a warping quirk similar to Kurogiri’s. He may be locked up in Tartarus at the moment, but how long can that really hold someone like him?