My Hero Academia: 5 Harsh Realities Of Attending U.A. (& 5 Perks)
David Zimmerman
Perks and harsh realities of joining UA
Perks and harsh realities of joining UA
U.A. High was the most prominent school in the My Hero Academia universe. It is where the adventures of Izuku Midoriya and the friends he's made in Class 1-A occur and is also the home to the legendary All Might.
It may come as a surprise that, in spite of the school's prestigious reputation, there are just as many downsides to attending as there are benefits. By weighing the pros and cons, we can better discern whether or not enrollment is the best course of action for aspiring students and heroes alike.

10 Harsh Reality: It's Extremely Difficult To Succeed For The Quirkless

An immediate downside of attending U.A. High is that it's extremely difficult for the Quirkless to succeed. This was demonstrated during Izuku Midoriya's early tests, where he struggled to throw a ball much further than his classmates and was threatened with expulsion.
Additionally, powers that may not be qualified in battle are also overlooked. As a result, the school actively discriminates against over twenty percent of the country's population for factors outside of their control.

9 Perk: U.A. Is A Fantastic Way To Hone One's Quirk

Since U.A. High provides professional heroes who've seen field action as instructors for the students, it comes as no surprise that their Quirks improve significantly over the course of the year. The school's attentiveness and focus on development is one of its best qualities.
Progress is measured by using the student's performance at the beginning of the semester as a benchmark. Moreover, the curriculum is tailored specifically around student Quirks, entailing optimal personal growth and versatile lesson planning. This was how characters like Bakugo and Sato were able to progress simultaneously despite the fundamentally different nature of their powers.

8 Harsh Reality: Most Students Outside Class 1-A Are Overlooked

As the most prestigious classroom of an already legendary school, Class 1-A has serious expectations placed on it. However, it also comes with the perk of being at the forefront of everyone's mind as the future generation of heroes.
Consequently, many students, especially those in Class 1-B, are seriously overlooked in spite of their formidable Quirks and hard work. Even if one passes the rigors of the entrance exam, there's no guarantee that they'll reap the same glory as Midoriya and his friends do.

7 Perk: U.A. Has A Great Social Atmosphere

Class 1-A Has Endurance training at the pool
Class 1-A Has Endurance training at the pool
Studying at U.A. includes more than simply rigorous training exercises. Outside of assigned work, the entire group often hangs out in casual social environments. This allows them to create valuable and meaningful bonds which will later serve them in the field.
They've indulged in such outings as pool days, shopping sprees, and even enchanting school festivals. Although U.A's social atmosphere may not always be perfect (take for instance Neito's sometimes unhealthy rivalry with Class 1-A and Mineta's infamous vices), it's a great way to make friends who will last for one's entire life.

6 Harsh Reality: The Training Exercises Are Dangerous & Occasionally Even Life-Threatening

In order to craft perfect heroes, U.A. understandably has to put them in uncertain circumstances. However, the training exercises that the students face are wildly inappropriate, especially for freshmen.
For example, they were forced to contend with a massive robot just as an entrance exam for the school. If Midoriya didn't step in on Uraraka's behalf, realistically, she could have died. Another instance comes from All Might's test fight with Bakugo and Midoriya, where he kneed the former so hard that he went flying through the air and into a building.

5 Perk: U.A. Connects Its Students With Exclusive Internship Programs

Since the point of being at U.A. is to become a hero, the school finds it appropriate to give their students as much practical experience as possible in advance. To do so, they have an internship requirement where pros can take on apprentices and teach them the facts about the business they want to break into.
Pros will often select candidates based on what they're good at and what they need. Sometimes, Class 1-A and 1-B students may even share the same mentor, providing an opportunity for friendships outside of their immediate social circles.

4 Harsh Reality: Students Are Expected To Perform At High Risk, High Exposure Sports Festivals

Bakugo and Todoroki, Sports Festival
Bakugo and Todoroki, Sports Festival
All students are expected to perform at the Sports Festival, an event which effectively works as Japan's "Olympics." Although the idea behind it is to help potential mentors find their apprentices and inspire the general public, there are fundamental problems with how the contests are run.
Not only do they expect freshman high school students to perform on a national stage, but the contests themselves are also extremely dangerous. Worse yet, it gives the League of Villains potential targets to attack, and the Sports Festival is not optional.

3 Perk: U.A. Students Have High Likelihoods Of Becoming Heroes

Given the tribulations U.A. students are forced to endure, they have a higher likelihood of becoming heroes than those from other schools. Despite its flaws, this is due to the connection that the establishment has and the essential ways it is run.
A student's expected progress throughout a four-year term can best be gauged through Mirio, a member of the Big Three. Not only did he manage to defeat all of Class 1-A simultaneously, but he would also have overpowered Yakuza boss Kai Chisaki if the villain didn't fight underhandedly.

2 Harsh Reality: U.A. Can't Keep Its Students Safe

The worst facet of U.A. is that it cannot keep its students safe. Its failures were evident in virtually every instance that security was breached, whether associated with Shigaraki or not.
The League attacked Class 1-A at the conclusion of the first season and successfully abducted Bakugo during the forest camp arc. Even Gentle Criminal would have been able to sabotage the school festival if Midoriya didn't stop him. Should one wish to attend U.A., they should be aware of the fact that they'll ultimately have to rely on themselves for protection.

1 Perk: Students Get Their Own Dorm Room

Ojiro's dorm room
Ojiro's dorm room
U.A. provides nice accommodation for their students in the form of exclusive dorm rooms. This allows them to customize a personal space to their heart's content without worrying about a roommate cluttering up the area.
Many students of Class 1-A use their dorms as a way to reflect their personalities. For example, Midoriya's room is a monument to All Might, Tokoyami's is intriguing albeit macabre, and Ojiro's is normal albeit uninspiring.