Now is the Perfect Time for a Star Wars Galaxies Reboot
Josh Render
Concept Art of Star Wars' Galaxy's Edge
Concept Art of Star Wars' Galaxy's Edge
Over the last few years, Disney has been working to produce media that shows many different sides of the Star Wars universe. The focus has slowly begun to turn away from the purely Jedi-centric stories of the past to look at the more common people in the universe. This shift has allowed the writers to show new sides to the galaxy and introduce aspects that were once only hinted at. This new focus could also be used to help rejuvenate a game from the past and fix the issues it once had at the same time.
When players think of a Star Wars MMO, they most likely think about Star Wars: The Old Republic. While that game is massively popular, it was not the first MMO based in the universe. Star Wars Galaxies was originally released in 2003 to much critical acclaim. The game separated itself from many of the other MMO's of the time by focusing more on the social aspect of an online game. Players could start their own towns and cities and be traders and manufacturers instead of fighters. This focus on social interaction helped the game to cement a fan base for many years. However, the game slowly lost players' interest over time, which has long been attributed to the game shifting focus to the Jedi.
Stormtroopers and AT-ST from Star Wars Galaxies
Stormtroopers and AT-ST from Star Wars Galaxies
While there was interest in the Jedi in Galaxies, the actual implementation was poorly done. The Jedi eventually completely overran the servers and were hard to balance with the other aspects of the game. While it would have been possible to never introduce the Jedi, it would have been hard with how prevalent the Jedi were with the fanbase at the time. However, with the popularity of shows like The Mandalorian and the excitement for the new Boba Fett series, there is a clear interest in non-force-centered stories. These shows also occur in a time period where having next to no Jedi would make sense, The New Republic Era.
In canon, the New Republic Era is the period of time after the battle of Endor and the fall of the Empire. While the Empire had lost the war, there were many holdouts as numerous leaders of the old regime sought to build their own power bases. The Remnant, as they were often called, would hold planets and sectors for many years and had an uneasy truce with the new Galactic Republic. While the core worlds were relatively stable, the outer rim was more contested. Without the Empire's iron grip, many worlds fell to bandits or became more self-sufficient. These worlds would pay some attention to the rules of the new republic, but more often than, not they had more local systems of government. The outer rim worlds would be perfect for setting a Star Wars Galaxies reboot for this very reason. The disconnection from the Republic would allow players to create their own towns and cities and let them choose to join either side or stay relatively neutral. The popularity of current shows based on this timeline would also mean that players could revisit worlds and situations that they have seen play out on TV.
The new canon has also brought new aspects of the universe into prominence. The bounty hunters guild has been mentioned in the past, but little was ever really revealed. However, The Mandalorian has taken the time to give viewers some insight into how the guild works and some of its connections. Players would be able to join the guild or commission new pucks to put out new bounties. We have also seen fishing stations built on water worlds and criminal docks floating in space. These are new ventures that players would be able to use to help fund their towns and communities.
Star Wars Galaxies was a hugely popular game for its time, but it struggled to remain relevant over the years. However, with Disney's new focus, there is a renewed interest from fans to enjoy the universe from a new point of view. Hopefully, the galaxy far, far away takes the time to look back to its past.