One Piece: Every Straw Hat Who Deserves A Higher Bounty
Rei Penber
The Straw Hat Pirates are one of the most infamous crews in the world of One Piece. Led by Luffy, a member of the Worst Generation and the Fifth Emperor of the Sea, the Straw Hats are incredibly powerful, capable of going up against even the Yonko crews.
Capable as they are, the crew has members with incredibly high bounties, such as Luffy, who has an award of 1,500,000,000 Berries on his head. Unfortunately, some members of the group, although very skilled, haven't yet received the bounty that they deserve and thus should get their numbers re-evaluated.

7 Brook Has Become A Pirate Worthy Of Over A 100 Million Berry Bounty

Brook One Piece Ice Sword
Brook One Piece Ice Sword
Brook is the musician of the Straw Hat Pirates and also an adept fighter, just like most others aboard. With the power of the Yomi Yomi no Mi combined with his incredible fencing skills, Brook is a threat to even some strong pirates out there.
He's already proven himself on Fish-Man Island, and his screentime in the Whole Cake Island arc showed everyone what he's truly capable of. He's also fighting one of the Numbers and Black Maria's subordinates, which just goes to show that he deserves a much higher bounty than he has currently.

6 Nami Has Acquired The Weapon Of A Yonko

Nami Vs Ulti One Piece
Nami Vs Ulti One Piece
Nami is the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates who aims to draw a map of the entire world one day. As a navigator, she's among the very best, if not the best already. Although Nami is often considered to be one of the weaker members of the crew, she is actually anything but, and mostly fights using her wits.
In the Wano Country arc, her Sorcery Clima-Tact got an upgrade when Zeus, Big Mom's homie, fused with it. With a Yonko's weapon in her arsenal, Nami is one of the most fearsome pirates in the world right now. As such, she surely deserves a much higher bounty than just 66 million Berries.

5 Franky Defeated Sasaki, A Member Of The Tobiroppo

The Crowd Cheers The Franky Shogun
The Crowd Cheers The Franky Shogun
Franky, the shipwright of the Straw Hat Pirates, joined them after the Enies Lobby arc. He's one of the strongest members of the group, although he doesn't often get the credit for it. With the power of the Franky Shogun, he was strong enough to defeat both Baby 5 and Buffalo with rather shocking ease.
On Onigashima, Franky came face-to-face with Sasaki, one of the strongest members of the Tobiroppo who held the power of the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Triceratops. Against all odds, Franky won the fight and proved to fans that he's underrated. Currently, he has a bounty of 94 million Berries on his head, but he certainly deserves much more than 100 million Berries.

4 Roronoa Zoro Is The Three-Sword Master Of The Worst Generation

Zoro is a member of the Worst Generation, just like Luffy, and is the combatant of the Straw Hat crew. He's a master of the Three-Sword Style and has proven to be capable of going toe-to-toe with some of the strongest people over the years. On Onigashima, Zoro was able to fight Kaido for a short period of time, thanks to the help of the other Worst Generation members.
Using all his power, Zoro was able to wound Kaido with Enma and give him a scar. With a feat like that, it's clear that Zoro deserves a much higher bounty than the 320 million Berries that he currently has. As Luffy's right-hand man, it wouldn't be a surprise to see his bounty cross 500 million Berries.

3 Sanji Is Fighting One Of Kaido's Right-Hand Men On Onigashima

Vinsmoke Sanji
Vinsmoke Sanji
Sanji is Luffy's left-hand man and, together with Zoro and Luffy, forms the famous Monster Trio of the crew. His fighting prowess remains as one of the most impressive among the entire crew. Sanji is currently fighting a man worth 1.320 billion Berries after already being severely injured by Black Maria, which just goes to show that he's a highly-skilled fighter.
What's more, while Queen is already using his hybrid form, Sanji hasn't yet tapped into the power of the Raid Suit, meaning he still hasn't gone all-out. It goes without saying that Sanji deserves a much higher bounty; a figure of 330 million Berries is too low for the future Pirate King's left hand.

2 Nico Robin Is The Key To The Grand Treasure, The One Piece

Nico Robin Mille Fleurs
Nico Robin Mille Fleurs
Nico Robin is the archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates and one of the most important people in the entire story. Being a survivor of Ohara, Robin is the only known person in the world capable of reading the Poneglyphs without using any special powers. Robin had a bounty of 79 million Berries as an eight-year-old and currently has a bounty of 130 million Berries.
Aside from being the key to finding the One Piece, Robin is also an extremely strong fighter, as evidenced by the fact that she's taking on one of the Tobiroppo members in Black Maria. Taking everything into consideration, Robin's bounty should be much higher than just 130 million Berries. In fact, her bounty should be among the highest of all time.

1 Chopper Deserves A Higher Bounty Than Most In The Straw Hat Pirates

Chopper is the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates who joined the crew on Drum Island. Although the story is far from done, Chopper is already among the very best doctors in the One Piece universe and is the reason the crew has come as far as they have.
Thanks to the power of the Hito Hito no Mi, Chopper has become a tremendous fighter with access to seven transformations. His strongest transformation, the Monster Point, allowed him to fight Queen for a short period of time. He's an invaluable asset to the crew, yet holds a bounty of just 100 Berries. Chopper undoubtedly deserves much more than just that.