Pro Football Manager Blames Fortnite for Some Players' Poor Performances
Brad Lang
The logo of football club AS Roma sandwiched between a soccer ball and the Fortnite Pinata
The logo of football club AS Roma sandwiched between a soccer ball and the Fortnite Pinata
José Mourinho, manager of soccer club AS Roma, recently shared his thoughts on the popular battle royale shooter Fortnite.
Speaking in a video published to the AS Roma English Twitter account, Mourinho candidly shared his thoughts when asked about Fortnite. "[It's] a nightmare. Football players, they stay all night playing that sh*t. And the next day they have a game?" teases Mourinho. One of the most decorated managers of all time, Mourinho took over AS Roma in 2021 and has previously served as the manager for major clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea and Real Madrid.
While Mourinho may have some negative feelings towards Fortnite, his thoughts on various other topics were much more positive. In the same quick-fire interview, Mourinho states that his favorite music is by Bryan Adams and Bruce Springstein, describes Instagram as "fun" and lists some of his favorite Italian foods.
Mourinho's disdain aside, it makes sense that the AS Roma players would be fans of Fortnite. In January, Epic Games added a variety of soccer-themed skins to Fortnite, all based on the kits of iconic clubs. AS Roma's kit was featured as one of the new skins, alongside Manchester City FC, AC Milan, Los Angeles FC and many more.
While Mourinho may not want his team to play Fortnite, they're likely part of the millions of players who log into the game every day. Epic Game's battle royale shooter took the world by storm in 2017 and has grown into a pop-culture powerhouse. The game is known for hosting crossovers with popular franchises, including DC Comics, Marvel Comics, The Walking DeadGod of War and Halo.
While some of Fortnite's bigger crossovers involve characters like Loki, Batman, The Flash and Deathstroke, the game also incorporates a variety of real-world skins. Basketball legend Lebron James was recently added to the game to promote Space Jam: A New Legacy.
Fans of AS Roma looking to understand what's got Mourinho so frustrated can find Fortnite on nearly every modern platform. The game is available for free on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile devices.
Source: Twitter