Resident Evil Village: How to Beat Lady Dimitrescu
Sam Stone
WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Resident Evil Village, available now.
If there's one character in Resident Evil Village that has towered over the rest, effectively becoming the installment's biggest breakout character -- both literally and figuratively -- it's Lady Dimitrescu. One of the four lords operating under Mother Miranda, Dimitrescu resides in her own namesake castle, populated by her coven of vampiric daughters and a small army of bloodthirsty ghouls from the victims they drained dry.
As the first major boss fight of the game, Dimistrescu is no pushover, but you'll have to take her down if you want to recover the first piece of Rose and rescue Ethan's daughter from dark forces. Fortunately, she's no match for Ethan Winters, a handful of ammunition and some thoughtful maneuvering.
Prior to engaging Dimitrescu, make sure to recover all the treasures and gear from within the castle, as it will no longer be accessible after the epic battle. By the time the final battle with Dimitrescu has begun, Ethan has already killed all three of her daughters, exposing the vampires to the frigid outside air and forcing them to take corporeal form before gunning them down. Learning of her daughters' grisly fates, an enraged Dimitrescu stalks the halls of the castle for Ethan, slicing at him with her long, razor-sharp claws whenever she crosses paths with him. After restoring all four angel statue heads in the castle's foyer, Ethan progresses to the ramparts of the castle where he engages Dimitrescu in a final showdown, with the vampire taking on the form of a grotesque behemoth, with the humanoid Dimitrescu emerging as an appendage on her true, monstrous form's back.
This humanoid protrusion of Dimitrescu is the boss' weak point for the entirety of the fight and can be harmed through conventional gunfire. While there is ammunition strewn around various points of the battlefield, it's a good idea to come into the fight with more ammo for the pistol, shotgun and rifle; upgrades to damage output on all three weapons is similarly a well-appreciated move, especially with upgrades to the shotgun and rifle. After driving back Dimitrescu when the battle first begins, be sure to grab the ammo at the bottom of the stairs before progressing up to the tower where the bulk of the fighting actually takes place.
Dimitrescu will pursue Ethan around the circumference of the tower attempting to devour him but pausing just long enough before rounding most turns for Ethan to stop from running and take a couple of potshots at her. Be careful to avoid accidentally shooting Dimitrescu's newly sprouted wings and consider using a pistol at this stage if it takes too long to properly set up the shot with a rifle before evading her attacks. When Dimitrescu flies off of the structure to charge at Ethan from the air, she provides enough of a window to more accurately get one or two hits with the rifle. Similarly, when Dimitrescu summons a swarm of bugs to attack Ethan, she also remains vulnerable while hovering in the air. In the final stage of the fight, Dimitrescu will force Ethan to run up the stairs to the tower and engage him more directly. Be sure to grab the additional ammo around the top of the tower and then stand off to the side of the monster, avoiding its gaping maw, while raining down the pain on Dimitrescu with the shotgun, perfect at this range.
After dealing the final blow, players are treated to a cinematic sequence of Ethan and Dimitrescu careening through the tower before collapsing at its base with a thunderous crash as the vampire joins her daughters. Lady Dimitrescu may have been the character that has left the biggest impression with audiences but her actual time in-game is perhaps all-too-brief. And, with this strategy, Ethan can help her shuffle off this mortal coil considerably faster.
Developed and published by Capcom, Resident Evil Village is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia.