REVIEW: The Walking Dead: The Complete Tenth Season Box Set Is a Must-Have
Jeanette White
The Walking Dead The Complete Tenth Season Box Set
The Walking Dead The Complete Tenth Season Box Set
With The Walking Dead's eleventh and final season right around the corner, the AMC series dropped a snazzy-looking Season 10 box set. The penultimate season features a lot of storylines but primarily focuses on preparation for the Whisperers War. The Complete Tenth Season box set put the series' apocalyptic drama all in one space, with handy access to all Season 10 episodes, including the six additional episodes from its extended season.
For TWD fans, The Complete Tenth Season box set is a must-have. Not to mention the "In Memorium" special feature is a fun addition that allows viewers to see the actors' personal reactions to some of Season 10's most shocking character deaths. Here is CBR's mostly spoiler-free review of TWD Season 10 and The Complete Tenth Season Box Set.

The Walking Dead Season 10

Alpha The Walking Dead
Alpha The Walking Dead
For those that enjoy a good villain, The Walking Dead Season 10 hits the nail on the head. The majority of the tenth season focuses on the protagonists' interactions with Alpha and the Whispers. The nefariously undead group operates similarly to a wolf pack. Their leader, Alpha, might be one of TWD's most sadistic and sinister Big Bads, especially since Negan's recent stint of good deeds. The AMC series shocked fans after Alpha killed off three major characters -- Henry, Tara, and Enid -- in Season 9, Episode 15, "The Calm Before."
The tragic murder of Carol's son Henry sent the rogue protagonist on an obsessive quest for revenge. As such, most of Season 10 focuses on Carol's reckless vendetta and the dangers it brings to the group. Given Carol is a fan-favorite character, audiences are likely to be left on the edge of their seats -- and slightly frustrated -- by Carol's storyline. It also provides the incentive for a couple of Carol/Daryl-centric episodes. One in particular, "Bonds," features delightful banter between the two that gives an idea of what the upcoming Carol/Daryl spin-off will likely look like.
Along with Carol and Alpha's drama, the animosity leads up to the big Whisperer War. The battle is tense and dragged-out but delivers all the suspense and gore that fans expect from TWD, culminating in Episode 16, "A Certain Doom." The big blowout marks the end of TWD's Season 10B. However, the penultimate season contains six additional episodes that should not be skipped. Admittedly, the majority of them feel like unnecessary additions that could've been sprinkled throughout the season or the upcoming Season 11. That said, they do contain vital storylines. Episode 17, "Home Sweet Home," sees the return of Maggie and introduces the new big bad she brings with her. Likewise, Episode 18, "Find Me," is sure to delight those wanting a more in-depth look into Daryl's mysterious love life, and Episode 22, "Here's Negan," includes Negan's long-awaited backstory.
While not all Season 10 episodes are jam-packed with excitement -- we're talking to you "Diverged" -- it's an overall enjoyable experience. Alpha and the Whisperers' terrifying presence and Carol's reckless revenge subplot make for excellent drama and juicy storylines. Long-time TWD fans are no stranger to season-long arcs. Therefore, the resulting tension between Carol and Daryl, Negan and Maggie, and, of course, the villainous Reapers and the protagonists should all be addressed and tied up in TWD's eleventh and final season.

The Walking Dead The Complete Tenth Season DVD Box Set

The Walking Dead - Season 10 art
The Walking Dead - Season 10 art
TWD's The Complete Tenth Season comes in a shiny-looking sleeve that features fan-favorite heroes Carol, Daryl, and Michonne on the front cover. There is a horde of clamoring zombies below them as smoke and fire overtake the background forest. The backside features a couple more teaser pictures, including a big one of Carol, Daryl, and Maggie, and a smaller one of Negan, Gabriel, Michone, and two Whisperers.
The entirety of Season 10 is divided into six discs, each featuring the image of a TWD hero. Upon loading in the discs, the trademark theme song greets viewers. Clicking into the "Episodes" section also spotlights a still shot from various Season 10 moments. Along with the episodes, the box set includes two special features -- "In Memoriam" and "Audio Commentaries."
"In Memoriam" is a nice bonus to indulge in after watching the season, considering it contains huge spoilers. It goes through each character lost throughout Season 10. Along with paying tribute to the missed protagonists and actors, it also includes commentary from the other actors and TWD team members. It is a nice touch that expands on plot points and character motivations. As far as "Audio Commentaries," this is likely a feature only available on Blue-Ray and Digital. If it is on the standard DVD set, it's unclear how to activate it, even after minutes of playing around with settings.
The Complete Tenth Season Blue-Ray and Digital sell for $80.99, and the DVD goes for $70.98, which is a fair price for show box sets. Overall, the box set is a solid buy for long-time TWD fans or collectors looking to add to their collection. The packaging and presentation are worth it alone. Still, it's the convenience and "In Memorium" section that really makes The Complete Tenth Season worth buying.
For those wanting to add The Complete Tenth Season to their collection, The Walking Dead box set is available on Blue-Ray-Digital and DVD now. Season 11 of The Walking Dead returns on Aug. 11 on AMC.