Shang-Chi: The Next MCU Star Just Discovered ANOTHER Long-Lost Sibling
John Dodge
Shang-Chi Marvel heroes defeated feature
Shang-Chi Marvel heroes defeated feature
WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Shang-Chi #3 from Marvel Comics, on sale now.
Shang-Chi may be currently poised to be the next breakout star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the current state of his comic book life has him struggling to reign in his very own criminal empire. After his father's death, Shang-Chi inherited theĀ Five Weapons Society, and at his side in leading it are the long-lost siblings that he still hasn't quite come to terms with. The shocking familial revelations don't end there, though, as another secret member of the family has just resurfaced, and her arrival could have dire consequences.
In Shang-Chi #3, by Gene Luen Yang, Dike Ruan, Triona Farrell and VC's Travis Lanham, an otherwise ordinary day for two tourists in Ireland has quickly become the latest viral sensation when a video of their encounter with a vicious reptilian beast is posted online. The fact that there is a monster lurking under the water is far less interesting than the woman who fended it off, however, and it is her appearance that has drawn the attention of the Five Weapons Society. When Master Ling shows the footage to Shang-Chi and his siblings, Takeshi immediately recognizes the woman as another half sister. When he last saw Zhilan of the House of the Deadly Staff, it was supposed to for the final time, and that day is one that has haunted the Deadly Sabre himself ever since.
When Zhilan was exiled from the Five Weapons Society and her family at the behest of her father Zheng Zu, it was because she was seeking to make many of the exact same changes that Shang-Chi has implemented as Supreme Commander in the present. Zhilan's heroic endeavors were seen as treachery by her supervillain father, although when Zheng Zu commanded Takeshi to take his sister's life, he ended their battle without bloodshed and chose to walk away.
In the years since then, Zhilan has protected the people of her tiny corner of Ireland as the Lake Witch, and in turn they have protected her existence as best they possibly could. Now that the secret is out, so is Takeshi's shameful act, but it isn't one that Shang-Chi is holding against him. Their sister Esme might not be happy about it, but as far as Shang-Chi is concerned, the appearance of Zhilan after all these years just means that he has another sibling to bring back into the fold. Better yet, this time they are already seemingly on board with his ultimate goal of reforming the Five Weapons Society into something better than it has ever been, which has so far been a clear point of contention for the more dastardly brother and sister he already knows.
If Shang-Chi is able to convince his sister to come back to the family, he and the Five Weapons Society could very well also be welcoming their latest greatest asset. With her flute in hand, the Lake Witch has already proven herself capable of fending off a massive monster, not to mention surviving a direct confrontation with Deadly Sabre.
Then again, the fact that Takeshi and Esme are so close to the top of the Five Weapons Society and her history with them could very well be the thing that drive Zhilan away from Shang-Chi's offer, assuming she doesn't take them for enemies from the start. Here's hoping the next MCU star gets to have at least one easy family reunion for a change.