Skatebird, the Avian-Themed Skateboarding Game, Delayed to September
Noah Dominguez
Skatebird, the upcoming avian-themed skateboarding game developed and published by Glass Bottom Games, has been hit with another delay and will now arrive this coming September -- one month later than previously expected.
A new trailer for Skatebird shows a feathered friend skating and rolling around on a keyboard, wreaking all kinds of technical havoc as it does so. The video concludes by revealing that Skatebird is no longer scheduled for release on Aug. 12, and will instead arrive on Thursday, Sept. 16. This announcement is followed by the message, "Sorry. Shipping games is hard."
Partially inspired by the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series, Skatebird places players into the tiny shoes of skateboarding birds. Skatebird was originally announced as a PC game back in late 2018, with an early alpha build demo arriving in mid-2019 alongside a Kickstarter campaign to fund the full version of the game. The Kickstarter raised a total of $67,220 -- more than three times its initial goal.
Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions of Skatebird were announced in late 2019, with the game getting a 2020 release window. Come July of 2020, however, the game was delayed to 2021. Just last month, Skatebird received an official release date of Aug. 12. In light of this new trailer, however, players will now have to wait an extra month for the game to release.
Developed and published by Glass Bottom Games, Skatebird launches Sept. 16 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC.
Source: YouTube