Star Wars: Chewbacca Absolutely WRECKED Lando's Bathroom - and It Was NASTY
Nicholas Brooks
Star Wars: Chewbacca WRECKED Lando's Bathroom
Star Wars: Chewbacca WRECKED Lando's Bathroom
In Solo: A Star Wars Story, Han and Chewbacca meet on the mud planet of Mimban. While it looked like they were clean of it after escaping, it's revealed in the film's Expanded Edition that Chewie's cleanliness was only surface level. Even after Beckett and his crew pick up Lando Calrissian and the Millennium Falcon, Chewie still has mud from Mimban that needs to be cleaned. Unfortunately for Lando, that means offering up his pristine shower.
If there was one species whose reputation always precedes them, it would have to be the Wookiees. From their habits of being sore losers to their anger issues and strength, Wookiees are one of the most passionate species in the galaxy. However, when it comes to their messy clean-up habits, not much is known, until Lando has to experience it firsthand.
Over the decades, Lando has curated a lifestyle that demands only the best of the best, from his immaculate version of the Millennium Falcon to the multitudes of capes he owns. Lando spares no expense to live lavishly and comfortably, and this factors into his extensive collection of hair products, which Chewie goes through in search of the one that can help with his mud problem. Before heading in, Lando tries to impress the importance of not touching his products by stating; "...so I’m not sure if I have anything that will work for you, but after I clear out a few of my more… personalized products, you are welcome to peruse my supply in the shower.Despite this, the moment Lando gives the okay for Chewie to use his shower, he immediately dashes inside.
Knowing the unpredictability of a Wookiee, Lando tries to remind him not to touch his most important products; however, rather than be met with an understanding growl, Chewbacca demands privacy. Leaving in defeat, Lando finds a way to forget the terrors that await him in the bathroom, focusing on his collection of capes and drinking at the wetbar. An hour later, Chewie thanks Lando for the shower, and while the Wookiee is clean, Lando's bathroom is anything but.
The novelization explains that, "Hair was everywhere. Dirty brown water still sat in the bottom of the shower because of a huge hunk of brown hair clogging the drain. More hair was wiped on the wall, and a ball of it hung off the sink." It only gets worse as Lando realizes Chewbacca used some of his most expensive products, emptying three bottles. However, everything pales in comparison to what remains of his gel made from an extinct plant. Lando mourns its loss, as the Expanded Edition describes how, "he dragged a fingertip through a puddle of purple goop and inhaled the scent. The last time he would smell this extinct flower, and he would forever associate it with the scent of wet Wookiee."
The scene concludes with Lando mentally preparing the bill he plans to give Beckett for damages as he begins the dirty work of cleaning after a Wookiee. Even though the scene was cut, it shows how dirty Chewbacca can get while exemplifying that Lando's a kind person at heart, even in his younger years. Thanks to the excerpt, Lando's messy experience proves that if a Wookiee is clean, someplace else gets dirty as a result.