Starro: How the Suicide Squad Monster Became a Red and Yellow Lantern
Brandon Zachary
Sinestro Starro
Sinestro Starro
The alien being known as Starro the Conqueror is one of DC's most memorable and bizarre villains. The original threat was so deadly that the Justice League first formed to combat it, and Starro is at the heart of The Suicide Squad, which deftly plays the monstrous threat both for scares and for laughs. But the version that appears in the film isn't as powerful as a few iterations seen in the comic book universe.
Two versions of Starro briefly ended up with massive power boosts thanks to their induction into two of the emotional spectrum corps, giving the intergalactic conqueror control over a Red Lantern Ring and multiple Sinestro Corps Rings.
The reality of Injustice is a particularly dark one, with the Joker's murder of Superman's support system prompting the Man of Steel to kill the Clown Prince of Crime with his bare hands. The universe quickly fell into chaos, with various factions allying with the now tyrannical Superman, and others rebelling alongside Batman. Across the cosmos, different power players went to war -- including the Red Lantern Corps, who quickly laid waste to entire corners of the galaxy. Their most powerful weapon revealed itself to be Starro the Conqueror, who in this reality eventually became a Red Lantern.
On top of being able to spread its control with minor versions of itself like normal -- even taking over one of the Guardians and turning him against the Green Lantern Corps -- this Red Lantern Starro proved capable of containing the energies of its fellow Red Lanterns. Turned into a conduit for pure red energy, the alien conqueror proved itself capable of becoming a literal Death Star upon command. Ultimately, it takes a massive amount of specific energy from the Blue Beetle Scarab -- and the sacrifice of Booster Gold's life -- to stop this version of Starro in Injustice 2 #66 by Tom Taylor and Xermanico.
This isn't the only version of Starro who became a Lantern in the multiverse, with the Post-Crisis version of the character ending up with multiple rings at one point. As a terrifying creature capable of turning entire planets against themselves as it conquerors worlds, it makes sense that Starro would also be an ideal candidate for a Sinestro Corps Ring, which feeds on the user's ability to cause fear. Teen Titans #51 by Sean McKeever and Ale Garza reintroduced the world of Titans Tomorrow -- a reality where the next generation of DC heroes grew up in a world where their mentors died in a Crisis-level conflict and became dark inheritors of their legacies. Their arrival happened around the same time as Starro's assault on Earth during the Sinestro Corps War, with its new rings amplifying its abilities.
Primarily turning a few villains into its avatars -- including Livewire and Prometheus -- Starro came close to taking control of all the various Titans Tomorrow that ventured to the present day to assist their allies. But eventually, Blue Beetle reluctantly turned to the dark future version of Bart Allen for help. The Flash of the Titans Tomorrow timeline was able to use his powers to turn himself into a living bullet and strike at the core of Starro -- seemingly bringing down the alien in a single shot. Notably, Bart Allen admitted that Starro would eventually regenerate from that damage -- but that at the very least, the Sinestro Corps Rings would be forced to find different hosts instead of giving Starro a massive power boost.