Supergirl May Have Just Discovered a Flaw in Leviathan's Plan
Renaldo Matadeen
WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Supergirl #34, from Marc Andreyko, Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, FCO Plascencia and Tom Napolitano, on sale now.
Leviathan has been causing major havoc in the DC Universe, with not even Batman's crew of detectives coming close to finding out who runs the sinister cell. Superman himself has been taken down in battle by the group, leaving the Justice League scurrying for any clues when it comes to unlocking the association's secrets.
However, courtesy of Supergirl #34, Kara Danvers may have found the missing piece of the puzzle and it's someone very familiar to her lore: her step-dad, Jeremiah Danvers.
Jeremiah and Kara have a storied history and Leviathan's been attached to it in a huge way recently. Jeremiah and his wife, Eliza, were Kara's handlers at the D.E.O. (Department of Extranormal Operations). Cameron Chase got Kara to work for the organization and Supergirl quickly grew on the Danvers, and so they became her parents, filling in for the loss of her own when Krypton was destroyed.
Now, Kara meets Shay Veritas, a scientist who worked with her and Superman in the past, to track her parents down as Leviathan apparently took them out a few issues before. In an explosion at their home, Eliza was killed, although Kara believes there's a chance that by tracking her cybernetic hand, she can find Eliza and hopefully, Jeremiah. Shay designed the robotic hand and they do manage to track Eliza down, but sadly, it's at a Pittsburgh morgue where Leviathan is holding what seems to be her corpse and an imprisoned Krypto.
Supergirl swoops in and when she gets emotional, Leviathan's agents strike. They're wielding lead masks and Kryptonite weapons and, shockingly, overpower the hero. Luckily, when the field leader is about to take Kara out, he's killed by a soldier suited up in somewhat similar garb. Kara's confused, thinking an agent turned on his crew, but it's quickly revealed to be Jeremiah. He's a bit upbeat, though, so we're not sure if he isn't into mourning his wife, or if he's just ecstatic to be alive to meet Kara.
Theorists, of course, have continued to speculate this isn't Eliza's body, but only time will tell as Kara and Jeremiah are clearly going to embark on a mission to uncover the truth as the issue ends.
What's intriguing about Jeremiah, who was actually brought into the Arrowverse in Supergirl and portrayed by Dean Cain, is his dealings with the D.E.O. could prove crucial. Their soldiers -- or most of them -- were converted to Leviathan loyalists so chances are he's gleaned some insight or maybe even went into the belly of the beast. He knows how to kill Leviathan's agents and hinted he has the knowledge Kara seeks to figure out what the cell is about and who's running it.
They need to act fast though because it's likely Leviathan would have its eye on Jeremiah as well if he refused their offer or actually is, in fact, betraying them. Either way, with Brainiac-1 leveling up at the Fortress of Solitude in the Bermuda Triangle thanks to Lex Luthor's gift in Year of the Villain, evolving to become the ultimate Brainiac, Kara needs to batten down the hatches. The A.I. will be hunting her down soon enough and with Leviathan in her crosshairs -- and vice versa -- she and Jeremiah are going to be facing a lot of heat.
Ultimately, what makes this so dangerous is because they're close to exposing Leviathan, chances are the terrorists will escalate the situation and most likely mark them for death.
Supergirl #35 goes on sale Oct. 9.