Superstore: Carol and Sandra Had the Ultimate Friends-Turned-Enemies Feud
Ian Goodwillie
Carol Sandra
Carol Sandra
The absurdity of Superstore was oddly representative of the actual experience of working in a big box chain retail store. That includes the off-beat and often unsettling characters who are employed there. While there can be difficult relationships in environments like Cloud 9, Sandra and Carol took things to a whole new level when their friendship turned them to frenemies and eventually, something much more extreme.
Sandra Kaluiokalani worked at Cloud 9 for a number of years as a sales associate. Born and raised in Hawaii, she moved to St. Louis, Missouri to get away from the ocean. Somehow, Sandra managed to avoid it the entire time she lived on the islands, having never gone near it due to her crippling fear of the ocean. In addition to being an incredibly low-key, strange person, Sandra was also quiet and easily manipulated by other members of the store.
Out of everyone, Carol Malloon was the one who played Sandra the hardest. Not much is known about Carol other than she worked at Cloud 9 and was an incredibly dangerous person. Carol barely seemed to know the difference between right and wrong, and appeared to be completely divorced from reality in almost every way. And Sandra received the bulk of her more nefarious attentions.
Carol and Sandra meet Jerry
Carol and Sandra meet Jerry
They started off the series as friends, but things got weird when their mutual love interest, Jerry, entered the picture. He was obviously perfect for Sandra, but Carol ended up dating him. It was a terrible relationship, which Jerry ended to be with Sandra. Eventually, Sandra lost Jerry back to Carol as part of a coin toss situation in the breakroom. But love finds a way, and Sandra and Jerry continued their relationship in secret, finally getting married in Season 5.
The entire time this relationship between Jerry and Sandra was growing, Carol was plotting against Sandra behind the scenes. Even when she had Jerry, Carol was still out to get Sandra. When Jonah's ex-girlfriend, Kelly, still worked at the store, Carol kept trying to drag her into all of her plots against Sandra. In Carol's defense, Sandra did leave her to die in Season 2, Episode 21, when a tornado hit Cloud 9.
It all came to a head on the day of Sandra's wedding. Despite not wanting her there, Carol used her dark powers to manipulate Sandra into inviting her and even making her co-Maid of Honor. Carol then pretended to botch her sabotage of the bachelorette party so she could lull everyone into a false sense of security. She then enacted her actual revenge at the wedding by attempting to murder Sandra's cat. It wasn't a good plan at all, and fortunately Dina stopped it.
There were dozens of scenes throughout Superstore that pitted Carol and Sandra against each other, some more subtle than others. But those scenes were some of the most underrated in the series, giving the show some incredible depth and dimension. A sign of a well constructed show is building solid, funny stories with their secondary characters, and Superstore did this especially well with Carol and Sandra.