The 10 Strongest New Comic Book Heroes
David Harth
Kid Flash and Superboy
Kid Flash and Superboy
New superheroes aren't exactly common in today's comic industry. Most of the time, creators want to keep their new creations for their own and so new characters don't really happen very often. However, very often isn't the same as never, as the 21st century is full of great new characters being introduced by the Big Two. In fact, some of these heroes are quite powerful, all things told, and are more than a match for their forebears.
Some powerful new heroes have made a big splash and others were gone almost as soon as they debuted but that doesn't change how strong they were and they're always ready to make a comeback.

10 Ulysses's Precognition Powers Led To Him Transcending Humanity

Civil War II doesn't have a great reputation but it did introduce a powerful new hero- Ulysses. An Inhuman, Ulysses was a precog whose powers could be used to predict the future with a large probability for success. This would lead to the central conflict of the comic and also eventually to the power upgrade that made him so powerful.
As the conflict reached its ending stages, Eternity himself showed up and said that Ulysses's powers had put him on another level when it came to humanity - he was now a cosmic being. Ulysses ended up leaving Earth with Eternity before the full of extent of his powers was known but he was doubtless very powerful.

9 Smasher Became The First Human Member Of The Shi'Ar Imperial Guard

Cassandra Nova's rampage through the Marvel Universe was pretty bad for the Shi'Ar Empire, as she killed many members of the Imperial Guard. One of them was Smasher, whose Exospex, the source of his power, was found by a human named Isabel Kane. Putting them on, she would gain the powers of Smasher and be taken away to train with the Imperial Guard.
Eventually joining the Avengers and helping them in the Builders War, Smasher proved just powerful she was. She and teammate Cannonball would get married and have a child, relocating to Chandrilar so she could continue her duties with Imperial Guard.

8 Mosaic's Terrigenesis Made Him Into A Being Of Energy

Mosiac Cropped
Mosiac Cropped
The 2010s were a time when loads of powerful Inhumans came out of the woodwork and one of them was Mosaic. Mosaic's powers weren't exactly physical but that made him no less dangerous. Mosaic's Terrigenesis transformed into a being of energy. This allowed him to become intangible, preventing any harm to him and allowing him to possess others.
He was invisible to anyone wasn't possessing and while he couldn't possess the same person twice, it made him no less powerful. He was pretty much incapable of being hurt and his power to dominate others was a great help in battle.

7 Crush Was Lobo's Daughter And One Of The Toughest New Teen Titans

Crush made quite a splash when she recently joined the Teen Titans. The daughter of Lobo, she quickly took her place among the toughest Teen Titans of all time. Her Czarnian heritage makes her extremely strong, allowing her to go toe to toe with some of the toughest villains imaginable and she's quickly taken her place as one of the best teen heroes around.
Lobo is known for being one of the toughest individuals in the galaxy and his daughter is following in his footsteps, doing things the Czarnian way, kicking all of the butts and taking all of the names.

6 Djinn Is A Genie And A Teen Titan

It's sort of weird that Djinn is one of the Teen Titans. She's thousands of years old. However, her powers are magical and incandescent. As a genie, Djinn can do amazing things and she chose to use her powers as a member of the Teen Titans, joining heroes like Damian Wayne and Kid Flash to redefine what the teen team was all about.
Djinn learned how to become a team player with the Titans and became one of its most clutch members, using her amazing powers to pull the team's fat out of the fire on multiple occasions and making a name for herself as one of the most powerful new heroes around.

5 Tempus Can Control The Flow Of Time

Tempus X-Men
Tempus X-Men
Time powers are some of the best out there and Tempus proves it. One of the first new mutants who manifested after Hope Summers and Scarlet Witch reignited the mutant race, her powers allowed her to speed up or slow down the flow of time for objects. That's a pretty devastating power and she was plucked up by Cyclops and his outlaw X-Men quickly.
Learning to master her powers with one of the best mutant teachers around, the Australian mutant would eventually become one of the most important mutants on Krakoa, as her powers made her key to the new mutant resurrection technique that has given the race a new lease on life.

4 Miles Morales Proved There Could Be More Than One Spider-Man

Miles Morales debuted in the Ultimate Universe and eventually moved over to the main universe. Becoming a second Spider-Man was hard with Peter Parker around but Miles was able to do it, more than earning his place as Spider-Man and facing down some of the most dangerous villains around. In fact, for some, he's the superior Spider-Man.
Miles has a lot of the same powers as Peter but his added venom blasts give him a better long-range attack option and while he may not be Hulk strong, he's strong and fast enough to more than make a difference in any battle.

3 Ms. Marvel Is One Of Greatest Teens In Comics

Ms. Marvel may have new powers in her Disney+ series
Ms. Marvel may have new powers in her Disney+ series
Ms. Marvel is one of many Inhumans introduced in recent years and is pretty much the only one to stay around. She's also one of the most powerful new heroes around, her embiggening powers letting her do some pretty amazing stuff. She's quickly become one of the leaders of Marvel's new generation of heroes, even joining up with the Avengers.
Ms. Marvel can hold her own against all manner of foes. Her stretching and shapeshifting give her loads of offensive options and she's notoriously hard to hurt. Few heroes in recent years have made the kind of splash she has, both because of how great she is and her amazing powers.

2 Wallace West Has Made The Kid Flash Mantle His Own

Kid Flash Upside Down
Kid Flash Upside Down
There have been several Kid Flashes over the years and Wallace West is the newest one. Being able to tap into the Speed Force opens up a wellspring of power and even though West may not have started his race very well, with fans still smarting over the loss of pre-Flashpoint Wally West, he's more than made up for it in recent years, taking his place among the Teen Titans.
Being a speedster is an amazing power and Kid Flash has worked hard to master his abilities, learning from some of the fastest speedsters and becoming one of the most powerful new heroes around.

1 Jon Kent Is Even More Powerful Than His Father

Jon Kent's introduction came at the beginning of a Superman renaissance and he's taken his place as the most powerful new hero of them all. Spending time as Superboy and working with Damian Wayne, he was eventually lost in time after leaving Earth with his grandfather, the returned Jor-El, before coming back as a teenager. Since then, he's joined the Legion of Superheroes and has recently taken up the mantle of Superman.
It was recently revealed that Jon was even more powerful than his father, which is saying something. Jon's career has only begun but he's already taken his place among the greatest and most powerful heroes in the DC Universe.