The Flash Set Video Shows Off the Scarlet Speedster's Sleek New Cowl
Morgan Shaunette
Filming for The Flash is underway, and an eagle-eyed fan caught a glimpse at star Ezra Miller in his crimson cowl.
The footage, shared via the Flash Film News account, sees Miller from afar in his costume as the Flash -- or more accurately, the grey bodysuit that the Flash costume will be added onto in post-production -- and a red helmet. Filming of The Flash is currently taking place in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, England.
These aren't the only behind-the-scenes images that have emerged so far to give fans an idea of what the Flash movie might look like. Earlier photos saw Miller, wearing civilian clothes to play Barry Allen, having a conversation with a similarly dressed actor wearing some sort of visual effects rig. This has led some fans to believe an element of The Flash will see Barry interact with a parallel-universe variant of himself, with the unknown actor's face replaced by Miller's in post-production.
Other pictures see a stuntperson sporting a Batman costume decidedly similar to the one used in Batman v. Superman and Justice League, which could indicate that Ben Affleck could return as the Caped Crusader in the film.
The Flash is due to hit theaters on Nov. 4, 2022.
Source: Twitter