The Flash's Impulse Shares His Arrowverse Crossover Wish List
Kelvin Childs
The Flash - Impulse header with Batwoman, Superman & Lois
The Flash - Impulse header with Batwoman, Superman & Lois
Impulse may be new to The Flash, but actor Jordan Fisher is itching to have Bart Allen drop in on the other Arrowverse shows.
Fisher, who plays Barry Allen's teenage son from the future, Bart, spoke to ComicBook.com about crossing over with other Arrowverse shows. "Oh, my God. Superman & Lois, I think that'd be a lot of fun," Fisher said. "I have a buddy on the show, Erik Valdez, who's great. Love to do that." Valdez plays Kyle Cushing, Lana Lang's husband.
"I love Brec [Bassinger] as well, and I think that Stargirl would be cool, just to zip in and out real fast. Why not? Let me come help for a hot second," Fisher added. "Again, I'm always going to err to the side of, 'Where are my friends working? What shows do I have friends on? Let's go, let's go do that.' I think that Batwoman would be pretty sexy as well."
Fisher said the nature of his character opens several story options. "There's so much to explore in the Justice League side of things where DC is concerned, as you know. It's very complex and has a lot of layers, and with being a speedster, time travel being something that can happen, there's so much possibility. There's possibility for any characters to make any crossovers and to be able to help on the field of battle in any timeline, any ... it's going to be The Flash family. Right. So that, I would be thrilled. I would be absolutely thrilled to do a crossover, especially if I get to work with friends. That's a blast for sure."
New episodes of The Flash air Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.
Source: ComicBook.com