The Misfit of Demon Academy's Unitarian Club Offer Demons a Brighter Future
Louis Kemner
WARNING: the following contains spoilers for Season 1, Episode 5 of The Misfit of Demon King Academy, "The Transfer Student," now streaming on Crunchyroll.
Anos has a mission: to assess the current state of the demon world and reshape it into what he always wanted it to be like. Right now, too many people are arrogant, short-sighted and ignorant of the world's past (and Anos' true nature). But there is hope.
As opposed to the thuggish Indu brothers and others like them, the Academy is home to students who want to create harmony in the demon world and allow all people to live in peace and equality. It's the Unitarian club, and Anos takes a liking to it.
Anos and his teammates learn in class that the valuable scepter they acquired in the previous test has gone missing. Until it's found, Anos' team will have a score of 70 out of 100 points, but some students find this unacceptable. A girl names Misa stands up and protests these terms, claiming that it's the school's fault that the scepter went missing, and Anos' team shouldn't be given a mediocre score as punishment. Anos takes Misa's side, then settles the problem when he confronts another student and draws the scepter that was hidden in his body, and he walks up to Emilia the teacher. He quietly urges her to do a better job if the school is going to try and sabotage him.
After class, Misa seeks out Anos in the hallway and thanks him for backing her up in class. Anos asks who or what the Unitarians are, as Emilia had mentioned them, and Misa eagerly explains that the Unitarian club on campus is dedicated to fostering unity and cooperation between all demons. Right now, half-blooded demon hybrids are considered second-rate, as made evident by their blue and white uniforms as opposed to red and black. In fact, one of the demon lords, Melheis Boran, openly supports them. Anos is intrigued; after all, this fits his own mission to create a more harmonious and authentic demon world free of empty arrogance and ignorance. So, he visits the Unitarian club to learn more.
The Unitarian club is made up of a handful of hybrid students, including Misa, though the club is forced to operate covertly and hide. This proves to Anos that the Unitarian club has limited strength and standing, a fact that Misa acknowledges. But she does have a treasured artifact on hand: half of a sword. Misa explains that it was a gift from her demon father on her tenth birthday, and this is a promising sign. Misa is half-demon by way of her royal father and half spirit from her mother. Despite her being a hybrid, and despite her demon father never seeing her in person, she was still deemed fit for this exquisite gift.
Misa is certain that this sword symbolizes a future where royal demons and half-bloods can come together as equals, and her father will surely combine this half of the sword with his own half to represent that union. Encouraged by these thoughts, Misa asks Anos to join the Unitarian club, and Anos responds that he wants to test their strength and resolve first. Misa and the other Unitarians are eager to prove themselves, and the stage is set for a campaign -- one that Anos is sure to watch closely.