The Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook Launches This Fall
Ethan Moss
While Final Fantasy XIV is considered to be one of the most popular MMORPGs of all time, the series is looking to leave its mark on the culinary scene with The Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook.
Square Enix announced that pre-orders are open for the cookbook inspired by the cuisine of the hit MMORPG. The 192-page book is aiming to release in November 2021, although the website states that is just an estimation. The contents will include a variety of recipes from the game, covering a plethora of meals that include breakfasts, appetizers and more. The book will be available for $35.
The sample pages on the website demonstrate the detail that went into the creation of each dish included in The Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook. Not only do they contain step-by-step instructions, but also photos of the target outcome. Information above each recipe also provides the estimated preparation, cooking and resting times, as well as suggested difficulty ranking. Fans will also be able to read a bit about where the cuisine originated in the Final Fantasy XIV world through lore-based text.
This essential culinarian guide to Hydaelyn will provide fans of the series a chance to recreate many recipes favored throughout the lands of the Source and Norvrandt. The game allows players to level up various crafting jobs, including that of the Culinarian. While lacking the fictional ingredients found in the game, the book provides logical substitutes that will allow players to bring at least a part of the game to life. Square Enix has yet to confirm whether The Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook will include any recipes from areas located in the upcoming expansion, Endwalker.
Themed cookbooks have grown in popularity over the years, with several lore-rich franchises publishing culinary guides. Fans of Pokémon, Supernatural, Destiny and the Marvel universe can learn about some of their franchise's most popular meals thanks to a variety of specially crafted cookbooks.
The Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook will also contain an exclusive foreword written by the game's producer and director Naoki Yoshida. The book's predicted release date also aligns with the intended launch of the game's next expansion Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.
Source: Square Enix