The Wheel of Time Showrunner Teases a Foul-Mouthed Fan-Favorite Character's Debut
Mira Jacobs
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The Wheel of Time header
One change made from book to screen when adapting The Wheel of Time for Prime Video is the way that the characters swear, but showrunner Rafe Judkins hinted that linguistic callbacks to the book series are coming up -- and so is a character known first of all for his dirty mouth.
During an AMA from Judkins on Reddit, a fan asked him, "Why are you not using any of the WOT swears?," referring to the way author Robert Jordan made up phrases such as "blood and ashes" and "goat-kissing" instead of using standard words of profanity. "Every time the characters use modern colloquialisms it completely throws me for a loop," the question continued. Judkins' response not only addressed the change but revealed that Uno, a soldier who swears constantly, would be appearing in the TV series.
"Blood and ashes, give us some time," Judkins replied. "It's coming. And just wait until you meet Uno..."
Uno Nomesta is a minor protagonist in the books, first appearing in the second novel, The Great Hunt. A Shienaran veteran soldier who wears a patch over his missing left eye, Uno's dialogue is full of the Wheel of Time-style curses, leading to some humorous scenes in which he tries to control his language in front of primly-mannered women and it takes an enormous effort.
Because there are so many characters in the books and Uno's role in the overall plot isn't vital, there was no guarantee that he would appear in the TV series, but many readers will surely be glad to hear Judkins' confirmation that they'll see this fan favorite on the screen.
In the same AMA, Judkins also revealed that the major character Aviendha has already been cast, although the actor who will play her and the timing of her debut is still unknown. Previously, the addition of Elayne Trakand was announced for Season 2, along with other actors whose roles have not yet been confirmed.
Sony Pictures Television and Amazon Studios' series adaptation of The Wheel of Time dropped its first three episodes on Prime Video on Nov. 19, becoming the streaming platform's most-watched premiere of 2021. Season 1 is slated to run for a total of eight episodes and will conclude on Friday, Dec. 24. The next episode, titled "The Dragon Reborn," will air on Nov. 26.
Source: Reddit