Ultimatum's Identity Is Revealed - And It Spells Bad News For Miles Morales
Tim Adams
WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Miles Morales: Spider-Man #10 by Saladin Ahmed, Javier Garrón, Annie Wu, David Curiel and Rachelle Rosenberg, on sale now.
Miles Morales: Spider-Man #10 marks the 250th issue starring the young web-slinger. When Miles first debuted in Ultimate Fallout #4, no one expected the creation of Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli to become a household name, but the young Spider-Man became a breakout star, especially when he headlined the animated film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.
Marvel Comics is celebrating the landmark issue by introducing a mysterious new villain named Ultimatum. This name is significant because Miles hails from the Ultimate Universe, which is one of many alternate worlds in the Marvel Universe. The Ultimate U was one of the many casualties of Secret Wars, though Marvel has slowly teased its return this year. Could Ultimatum be an Ultimate U refugee like Miles, who now makes his home on Earth-616? While Miles Morales: Spider-Man #10 reveals the answer is no, he does have ties to not only the Ultimate U, but also Miles Morales.
Miles surprisingly runs into the Ultimate U's Green Goblin when he investigates a break-in at Empire State University's Brooklyn campus. Strangely, Miles doesn't immediately recognize the Green Goblin, though he can sense that he knows him from somewhere. Marvel has wavered back and forth on whether Miles remembers his pre-Earth-616 life, but here it would appear he does not.
The fight between Spider-Man and Green Goblin rages across a few city blocks, ending at a construction site. Just as both combatants appear to be winded, the fight comes to a screeching halt when a giant-sized Ultimatum literally stomps on Miles. In another surprise, he recognizes Miles and flies off with the Green Goblin. We later catch up with Ultimatum chatting with Mayor Wilson Fisk at City Hall. Whereas the former Kingpin can be an intimidating presence, here he is behaving as if he's talking to an old friend. The final pages of the story shows why that is the case, when the mystery man tells Fisk the name "Ultimatum" is only intended for scaring rivals while also referring to the mayor as his best friend. He then unmasks to reveal that he is the Miles Morales of Earth-616.
First introduced in 2017's Spider-Men II, Earth-616 Miles Morales and Wilson Fisk became friends while in prison. Fisk becomes in debt to Miles when the latter saves his life during an assassination attempt behind bars. When Barbara, the love of Miles' life passes away, Fisk tells him how he suffered the same loss when his wife died. However, Fisk discovered his wife still existed on an alternate Earth, which gives Miles the idea to find an Earth where his Barbara was still alive.
Earth-616 Miles was able to find Barbara alive on Earth-1610, which is also the Ultimate U. Miles and Peter Parker get involved when technology from Earth-1610 starts to pop up on Earth-616, along with the villain Taskmaster. The last we saw of Earth-616 Miles, he found Barabara working at a bar that became collateral damage in a fight between the Green Goblin, Spider-Man, Ironheart and the Ultimates.
Speaking of the Ultimates, Earth-616 Miles' Ultimatum persona is dressed in the costumes and gear of the superhero team. His full-body suit once belonged to Hank Pym, aka Giant-Man. The four glowing circles on his chest come from Thor, Iron Man's hand and feet gauntlets are on his appendages, and Captain America's shield is strapped to his back. It's unclear if Miles simply stole the accessories or won them in combat, but considering the Ultimates are Earth's Mightiest Heroes, we can assume the means by which he came in possession of them is sketchy at best.
Miles' presence back on Earth-616 also brings into question the status of Earth-1610 Barbara. He was so determined to reunite with her, we can't imagine why he wouldn't stay by her side. Could she have dumped him once she found out Miles was from another dimension? We can only hope Earth-1610's Baraba didn't suffer the same fate as the one on Earth-616.
How will Miles react to reuniting with his much older and facially-scarred doppelganger? Miles is still reeling from being tortured by the mysterious Assessor, to the point where he even contemplated giving up being Spider-Man. The reemergence of the real Earth-616 Miles Morales definitely spells bad news for Good Guy Miles Morales.