Venom: Let There Be Carnage Trailer's Best Moments & Big Questions
Timothy Donohoo
The first trailer for the long-awaited Venom: Let There Be Carnage has finally released, giving fans their first look at how the Andy Serkis-directed flick is shaping up. Featuring a foreboding tone, ironically silly symbiote antics and the first look at Sony's cinematic Carnage, the trailer is a welcome primer for the film.
However, while some of its footage was expected, the trailer also features several tidbits which clarify some questions, ask new ones and potentially suggest a connection to the MCU. Here's a look at the story, characters and possible cameos in the first look at Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

Buddy Comedy

The trailer kicks off by showing the furthered relationship between Venom and Eddie Brock. Venom stretches and contorts in Eddie's kitchen to make him breakfast, which is an incredibly calorie-laden array of waffles, eggs and other morning mealtime delights. The idea is obviously for the bevy of carbs and energy to go to Venom through Eddie, but this moment also highlights the grim but goofy humor of the duo and their movie.
The comedy seems to be slapstick hairball humor, with its over-the-top aspect meant to be the opposite of the otherwise gritty and almost horror tone. The jokes usually hinge on Venom essentially using Eddie for survival, and Eddie's subsequent having to keep Venom in line and without the chance to eat people. This relationship has also made them sort of local heroes, with the two having an agreement to protect the local corner store woman, so long as she supplies Venom with his favorite snacks.

The Mysterious Detective

Stephen Graham's mystery character can also be seen in the trailer, and one scene notably has him reading a copy of the Daily Bugle. This would suggest a closer connection to the wider Spider-Man mythos, which has been speculated by many fans since the first movie's release.
It's still unclear what role Graham is playing, but he's obviously a detective, and Venom's head looming behind him antagonistically suggests that he'll butt heads with Eddie. He also has a clear grudge against Cletus Kasady, as shown by his smashing a newspaper that features the serial killer on the cover in anger. One possibility, if a connection to Spider-Man is made, is that he's Jacob Raven, a police detective who was prominent during the infamous Clone Saga. Outside of his occupation, though, the trailer doesn't reveal anything about Graham's character.

Anne Weying

Anne Weying can be briefly seen in the trailer talking to someone who looks like Eddie. Her fiance from the last movie is also going to appear in the film, but the dialogue spoken as Kasady narrates the trailer's scenes suggests that Eddie still pines for her. Anne's appearance in the trailer is brief, which means that her role might be, as well. However, Kasady states that she's something Eddie left behind and lost, potentially setting the stage for something tragic to happen to her.

Ravencroft Institute

Ravencroft Institute, the Spider-Man equivalent of Arkham Asylum, will also have a major role in the Venom sequel. It's not only where Kasady resides, but also where his love interest Shriek is kept. In the trailer, Shriek can be seen crying and in what seems to be a harrowing living condition, a far cry from the gleeful killer that caught Carnage's eye in the comics. From the narration, Kletus clearly still has feelings for her and resents her current incarceration.
Shriek's later shown in the trailer screaming loudly as papers fly all around her in anguish. This would seem to be the film's version of her comic book powers, where, true to name, she can manipulate loud sounds in an offensive manner. This makes her a key threat to symbiotes like Venom and Carnage, whose weaknesses include sonic attacks. In the comics, Shriek has these powers because she's a mutant, but that's likely to be changed barring an unexpected collaboration between Sony and Marvel.

There's Gonna Be Carnage

Obviously, Kasady is a huge part of the trailer, with Woody Harrelson's take on the character being close in persona to other cinematic killers like Hannibal Lecter. The first look also shows that his curly hair from the first movie has been cut, revealing that the sequel will try to fix some of the criticisms of its predecessor.
As suggested by the narration, Kasady and Brock seem to have developed a rapport in the trailer, with Brock having spoken to the killer at Ravencroft quite a bit. Kasady is later shown being either executed via lethal injection, which somehow results in him coming into contact with Carnage. Sadly, the film's villain isn't shown duking it out with the titular antihero, but there's surely more to come as the release of Venom: Let There Be Carnage nears.
Directed by Andy Serkis, Venom: Let There Be Carnage stars Tom Hardy, Woody Harrelson, Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris, Reid Scott, Stephen Graham, Sean Delaney and Larry Olubamiwo. The film arrives in theaters Sept. 24.