Why Bloodborne's Blade of Mercy Is the Best Weapon for Skilled Hunters
Lucas Blaine
In the pantheon of Action RPGs developed by FromSoftware, Bloodborne was a game with a singular vision. While it may not have presented players with the wealth of character-building options that its cousin, the Dark Souls series, did, it more than made up for this with its arsenal. Bloodborne features some of the most brilliantly designed melee weapons featured in video games. One of these, in particular, has become synonymous with a high level of player skill over the years.
The Blade of Mercy is a challenging trick weapon that is as unique as it is difficult to use. To many Bloodborne fans, this weapon is one whose excellent design is not worth its disadvantages, but for those who have mastered the quick-reflex combat of the game, there is no more satisfying weapon to wield. The Blade is not a weapon for beginners, but it easily becomes one of the most satisfying weapons in the game for seasoned players. When the challenge of Bloodborne becomes insignificant, it is time to seek out the Blade of Mercy to take things up a notch.
eileen the crow takes out a brute
eileen the crow takes out a brute
Even obtaining the Blade of Mercy requires one to be skilled at playing Bloodborne and be knowledgeable of its vague questlines. The weapon can be obtained in two ways, both involving the Hunter of Hunters, Eileen the Crow. The first, less arduous way is to best her in battle, which in itself is a feat of skill; Eileen has more than earned her title by dispatching other formidable hunters. If the player can defeat Eileen, she drops the Crow Hunter Badge, which allows players to spend blood echoes to purchase the weapon outright.
The other, more difficult way is to complete her quest. Eileen is traveling through Yharnam, hunting down former hunters who have gone mad with bloodlust. This multistep quest culminates in an incredibly difficult battle against a hunter known as the Bloody Crow of Cainhurst. This skilled opponent has already bested Eileen herself, leaving her in a bloody heap on the steps of the Grand Cathedral. If players can win this battle of attrition, Eileen bestows the Crow Hunter Badge to the player with her dying breath and gives players access to her Blade of Mercy.
After spending so much time acquiring the weapon, players can then begin to learn its move set and learn to deal with its substantial lack of reach. As most of the strongest weapons in the game are considered so for their ability to provide players with a considerable reach, this may seem like a critical weakness for the Blade. However, for many players, deciding to obtain this trick weapon is an exercise in testing one's skills. This challenge serves to spice up the excellent combat loop by requiring players to get scarily close to the deadly foes; a fitting weapon for a skilled warrior whose main pursuit is hunting other dangerous combatants.
bloodborne wielding the blades of mercy
bloodborne wielding the blades of mercy
To succeed in using the Blade of Mercy, players will have to build the best character for its stats to scale well and be thoroughly familiar with Bloodborne's numerous bosses and deadly enemy types. The weapon itself relies on players building a character that is a hybrid of Skill and Arcane attributes, with a focus on Skill. Because this character build relies on quick attacks and mobility, the best strategy is to rush down each foe with no abandon, killing each enemy as fast as possible. The weapon's transformation from the single shortsword form to its dual daggers form is vital, as this move set allows the player to attack incredibly quickly. Speed cannot be emphasized more for player success, as the Blade of Mercy excels at killing single targets, but its weak range means the frequent groups of enemies that assault the player often have the upper hand.
This notion of going into battles overwhelmed and outgunned is another reason why only the most seasoned Bloodborne players prefer this dangerous trick weapon. However, for those willing to rise to the significant challenge and acquire this unique sword, the Blade of Mercy is nothing short of a blast to use. Soulslike games have always been, for many players, an exercise in experimentation and a test of skill, and this unique trick weapon provides both of these to those with the willpower to wield it.