Wonder Woman Learns a Bombshell Revelation About Amazon History
Sam Stone
wonder woman
wonder woman
WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Wonder Woman Annual #4, by Steve Orlando, Jack Herbert, Gabe Eltaeb and Pat Brosseau, on sale now.
Dating back to the age when ancient Greco-Roman myths and monsters were an everyday reality, the history of the Amazons is one of the richest, deepest tapestries within the DC Universe. While tales of antiquity have since resonated and become bonafide legend, there are have been numerous bombshell revelations about the Amazons' true nature initially hidden from Diana Prince when she first earned the mantle of Wonder Woman to become Themyscira's champion. And, one a fateful day for all Amazons, a new shocking discovery was made: There is a third secret faction of Amazons hidden on Earth.
For millennia, it was accepted that there were two tribes of Amazons: The original group led by Queen Hippolyta on the secluded island of Themyscira, and a splinter faction known as the Bana-Mighdall that settled deep in the deserts of the Middle East and North Africa three millennia before the relative present of the DCU. Led by Queen Antiope, this group gained their immortality from the witch Circe and worshipped the Ancient Egyptian pantheon instead of the Olympians. Estranged for centuries, the Bana-Mighdall had selected their own champion in Artemis would become one of Diana's greatest frenemies as both Amazons set out into the outside world as their own superheroes.
And now, Wonder Woman Annual #4 has added another chapter to that history by revealing the existence of a third tribe.
Wonder Woman Amazon Tribe
Wonder Woman Amazon Tribe
After Themyscira opens its embassy to the outside world, they reluctantly join forces with the Bana-Mighdall when they learn an entire Brazilian city has been magically sealed away by the Dark Fates, three magical monsters from Ancient Greece. Breaching the seal with her trusty Lasso of Truth, Wonder Woman inspires the city to join her in using the lasso's inherent powers to defeat the Dark Fates and dispel the twisted sorcery that they had inflicted on the populace, driving them away and liberating the entire city. Observed by the Bana-Mighdall, who had initially been skeptical of Wonder Woman's claims and competency, the splinter faction decides to rejoin the Amazons of Themyscira under a single banner after three millennia of separation.
As the reunified Amazons celebrate back on Themsycira, the warrior Atalanta reveals a shocking secret to the assembled Amazons: There is a third faction of Amazons hidden in South America. It is unclear when this secret faction had split from either Themyscira or the Bana-Mighdall, where exactly they are located and why such a schism had taken place, but its relocation to the geographic Amazon explains why Wonder Woman had first encountered Atalanta in a Meso-American temple and why the Dark Fates had targeted a city in Brazil; they were both drawn to the whereabouts of the South American Amazon tribe after separately learning of their existence.
The existence of a third Amazon tribe and both Themyscira and Bana-Mighdall's unfamiliarity with it suggests that either this split occurred even farther back than the Bana-Mighdall schism or dark magic may be at work to cause Hippolyta to forget such a faction even exists. And just as the Bana-Mighdall revere and are influenced by the Ancient Egyptian pantheon, this mysterious third faction is likely influenced by the Meso-American pantheon worshipped by the Olmec, Mayan, Aztec and Incan Empires.
And in all likelihood, this lost tribe could very well have its own, currently unknown champion who reflects those ancient cultures in the same way that Wonder Woman and Artemis reflect their Amazon lineages.