X-Men: How Colossus Forgot His Life As a Marvel Hero
Nabeel Gaber
X-Men Colossus feature
X-Men Colossus feature
Out of all of Marvel's X-Men, Piotr Rasputin is one of the kindest and gentlest, despite his alter ego as the powerhouse Colossus. But at one point, Colossus completely lost his identity, which almost gave him a happy ending.
Colossus' big identity shift came during 1989's Uncanny X-Men #251, by Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri. Up until this point, Piotr had been through a trial of pain and tragedy. In Uncanny X-Men #212, by Claremont and Rick Leonardi, Colossus became paralyzed following his injuries during the "Mutant Massacre." Afterwards, Piotr was stuck in his metallic form.
During the X-Men's time in the Australian Outback, Colossus had also lost several of his teammates, leaving only a few X-Men remaining. To top things off, the Reavers came to invade the X-Men's base, leaving the mutants no choice but to flee. The X-Men entered the Siege Perilous, a mystical portal that granted each of them a new life. After Colossus entered, he didn't re-appear until Uncanny X-Men #259, by Claremont and Silvestri.
Piotr emerged in Manhattan, where he quickly ran into two mutants, Phillip Moreau and Jenny Ransome, as they were being pursued by Genoshan Magistrates. Colossus helped them fend off the Magistrates; although, he had no memory of who he was, and he was no longer in his metallic form. Instead, Piotr changed his name to Peter Nicholas and was the super of an apartment complex. During his time as Peter Nicholas, Colossus fell in love with a mysterious billboard model.
As it turned out, this woman was really Callisto, the former leader of the Morlocks. Callisto's fellow Morlock, Masque, remodeled her face so she could live on the surface. Meanwhile, Peter became a very famous and successful artist in New York, which was a big change of pace from his life with the X-Men.
Peter and Callisto had a few close encounters before they were kidnapped by the Morlocks. Together, Callisto and Peter fought off the Morlocks, with the help of the Muir Island X-Men and Jean Grey. Immediately after this, Peter, Callisto, Phillip and Jenny were attacked by Genoshan Magistrates, before they were saved by the Muir Island X-Men and X-Factor.
Although he was grateful for the mutants' help, Peter wanted no part in their lives, feeling it was too confining. With this, Banshee decided to let Colossus go so he could enjoy his life with Callisto. Unfortunately, this happy ending didn't last very long. At the end of Uncanny X-Men #278, by Claremont and Paul Smith, Colossus returned, possessed by the Shadow King. In order to save Colossus, Professor X had to restore his full memories, which later sent him back to the X-Men.
It's a shame that Colossus' happy ending couldn't have lasted longer. Colossus' life as Peter Nicholas truly spoke to the gentle, simple nature of his character since Colossus wasn't born a fighter; he was just an ordinary farm boy from Russia. All Piotr ever wanted was to live a peaceful life among friends and family, and as Peter Nicholas, Colossus got a life of friendship and love, fulfilling him for the first time in years.
Colossus also got to pursue his interest in art, which he's always wanted to explore. When he was Peter Nicholas, Colossus became a successful and famous artist, but when he was with the X-Men, he and his friends were in constant danger, which didn't allow for time to explore other interests. Despite not being able to pursue his hopes and dreams, he's made lifelong friends and gained a whole new family with the X-Men.
If recent issues of X-Force are any indication, Colossus still longs for a simple life of peace. For instances, X-Force #15, by Benjamin Percy and Joshua Cassara, offered up a new role for Colossus, as a member of X-Force's intelligence unit and its moral center. This job is perfect for Colossus, but X-Force has also shown how much he's trying to stay away from conflict. Much of Colossus' recent time has been spent farming on the Savage Land with his new love, Kayla, yet no matter how peaceful Colossus' life becomes, he keeps getting pulled back into the chaos of the X-Men.